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@tux3 tux3 released this Apr 20, 2014 · 351 commits to master since this release

To install the Private Server download, extract it in the Legends of Equestria folder, and replace the DLLs when asked to.
Remember that you need to start both the private server (LoE_PrivateServer.exe) and the game (loe.exe) to play.
You can't play on the official servers if you have the private server installed, so make a backup !

You can find more informations here :

This version of the server is made for the Babscon 2014 version of Legends of Equestria (2014/04/16).

Changes :

  • Add 16 new NPCs
  • Add shops (but everything is free until we get monsters)
  • Enable 3D view when talking to NPCs
  • Update the skills for all 3 races : "Earth Ponies have Seismic Buck and Rough Terrain, Unicorns have Rainbow Fields and Magical Arrow, and Pegasi have Dual Cyclone and Gale! All three races have Ground Pound".
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