A Math Drill and Vocabulary/Typing Enhancement Game for Kids
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A Math Drill and Vocabulary/Typing Enhancement Game for Kids.


The aim of this project is to re-implement the novel idea of TuxType and TuxMath as a web based game with better graphics and gameplay. These are a few objectives we aim to target :

  • A game with pretty decent UI/UX and Gameplay to bind the attention of the kids and give them the same joy and fun which they get while playing non educational games in the present market.

  • A dashboard where parents/teachers can monitor the progress of the kid.

  • Making the task of future developers hassle free by giving them a code base that can target multiple platforms, enabling them to concentrate more on the game logic and enhancing the UI/UX, rather than on porting it to various platforms.

  • Addition of game based incentives like badges, medals etc. that the user would able to see in the dashboard as well as in the levels menu.

  • A voice assistant to spell the words to the kids.

  • Making the game available on various app stores as well in the form of a web app. A lot of users prefer to play games online nowadays as this way they do not need to go through the download and installation process. Also users prefer to download games from the app stores as it makes the entire installation process neat and easy.