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Procedural water shader for general use.
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Procedural Water

A procedural water shader, multi platforrm support(Unity, GLSL, HLSL), for a variety of water types.



The water shader is designed for various water types: lakes, ocean and rivers.

Current implemented features are:

  • multiple maps(height, normal, shore, sky)
  • configurable refraction and reflection
  • colour extiction based water depth
  • mean sky radiance
  • displacement
  • enabling/disabling features
  • bicubic filtering
  • configurable shore foam
  • HLSL/GLSL/Unity support(for GLSL use the conversion script to SPIR-V)


The shader requires refraction and reflection maps of the scene, the refraction map also requires the depth. See the textures folder for examples of sky, shore, foam, height and normal maps.

Certain features can be switched off via the following defines:

  • USE_DISPLACEMENT, adds displacement of gerstner and sinve waves, with an additional height map
  • USE_MEAN_SKY_RADIANCE, adds mean sky radiance reflectance, requires a sky map
  • USE_FILTERING, enable/disable bicubic filtering
  • BLINN_PHONG, use simplified specular




Composition of the water(final, shore, refraction+depth colour, reflection + distortion, diffuse + ambient, normals): water-layers


Future improvements

Planned improvements are:

  • caustics
  • underwater mode with light rays
  • cascading depth maps
  • improved water displacement/simulation(FFT)


Based on:

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The code is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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