Python application to operate computer by voice using pocketsphinx for speech recognition
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Merlyn Computer Control by Speech Recognition

Copyright 2017 Alan Richmond @

Merlyn is a Python program for controlling a computer by using voice commands. It is based on the CMU PocketSphinx system (which might be in your repo), and is capable of supporting most tasks that you might want to do on a regular PC, using voice only. It is currently Linux only. You may find the following useful (altered to your own context) in your .bashrc or some alias file:

alias mln="cd ~/Merlyn"
alias merlyn="~/Merlyn/"
export MLN_BROWSER=google-chrome
export MLN_DATA=/home/c/Merlyn/data
export MLN_FM="pcmanfm"
export MLN_KEYPRESS="xdotool key "
export MLN_LOCATION=Neath
export MLN_MYNAME=Alan
export MLN_SPELLS=/home/c/Merlyn/spells

You need to install PocketSphinx, either from your distro's repo, or from Then take a look through Merlyn/cmds/all.txt for the software needed to implement the spoken commands, e.g. xdotool, zenity, ...

The subdirectories are:

  • cmds : files mapping spoken commands to Linux
  • demo : invoke demo on the command line, e.g. merlyn demo
  • data : text & media for Merlyn to display, e.g. help
  • lang : the files from
  • spells : scripts for Merlyn's wizardry
  • x : not important, just stuff that might one day be useful. or not.

Adding and Editing Commands

Look at the *.txt files in the cmds subdirectory. Edit those or add your own. If you want to start a new .txt file be sure to add it to files.list. Run the file to generate corpus.txt then go to the indicated URL, click on choose file. Click on Compile knowledge base. Download the generated tar file, e.g. copy the link and give it to wget inside the lang dir. tar xvzf the tar file. Note the 4-digit number in its name, and edit to replace the old number.

If you have problems, or suggestions for improvement, please visit or send email to merlyn at tuxar dot uk

DISCLAIMER: This is an alpha release, i.e. just proof-of-concept. If I don't get positive feedback about it there might not be a beta release. And if I do, there may be changes that are incompatible with the previous version. And you use Merlyn at your own risk.