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TUXEDO PulseEffects Presets

Collection of community-made presets for PulseEffects tailored for TUXEDO laptops.

What is PulseEffects?

PulseEffects is a powerful limiter, compressor, reverberation, equalizer and auto volume effects for Pulseaudio applications. For more details here is an in-depth description and explanation. LINK

Sharing is caring

This repository is dedicated to any TUXEDO laptop ever produced and should be considered as a collection spot for user contributions. If you are using PulseEffects and have a special preset for your TUXEDO laptop help other users by sharing it.

Presets for multiple models

If you can't find a preset for your particular TUXEDO laptop it might be worth to try one from a different model. Known "multi presets" are:

  • Pulse 15 => BA15
  • InfinityBook S 15 Gen6 => Aura 15

Special preset "Normal.json"

Normal.json is a "zero" preset without any effects to simply reset every filter as it would be without having PulseEffects running. So to compare the sound profile of a given preset with the standard output of the notebook, you can easily switch between the preset you are testing and the "zero" preset.

Even more community presets

Checking this collection could be useful to get things started for you, especially if you don't want to play around too much.