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What is keeper?
The idea behind keeper is to improve and simplify using
git and rsync as a backup and security strategy for the linux /etc 

Why is that important?
The /etc directory is usually the systems directory where linux safes
its global settings and configurations for certain services and daemons 
such as ssh or the apache web server. These files keep to be constantly 
configured and maintained by one or even more administrators.

keeper uses git to keep track of these configurations and adds the missing
feature of git not only to store these files but to keep track of there permissions
and file owners in this directory.

*By using git it is fairly easy to role back some broken or misconfigured files.
*The commentary functionality of git can be used to document the work of the administrator.

keeper saves a copy of the /etc directory at another location than the
/etc directory. It uses rsync to sync between these copies and uses git
afterward to check in certain changes.

*Therefore the last known good state can be verified. 
*keeper itself can also restore permissions of a particular file.

*In future there will be even more features like multiple backups and cronjob.

What do i need:

Why a new keeper:
The old one was to complicated to configure and to use..
The used git repository should not be in the /etc directory itself but rather
safed as an exact copy. I needed a way to easily keep track of permissions. More than
one backup of the keeper seems to be a good idea. Also adding the check
function as a cronjob.

Does this work:
It has some Bugs which causes the script not to function correctly. We will
fix these in future releases. Whenever you find a bug please report it.
Some of the things we want to do are not implemented yet, some have been removed
because they do not function propertly  like the reset command. There is still a lot
of work to do until we can release a final version. But for now it works pretty
well for backups.

How does this work, where to get help: 
There will be a man page for keeper in future releases. for now look
up all you want to know in the Wikipage..