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This application is made primarily for lawyers who wish to start their new firm, who can't or don't want to use professional lawyer applications, or simply are open source lovers and want to work with an alternative tool

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Ord-en Ley


Desktop program to manage lawyer's office

This project has been made to allow mainly new lawyers who wants to start her law office, who want have an alternative base on open source to manage their's clients, appointments and files.


Programa de escritorio destinado a la organización de despachos de abogados Está orientado a cualquier abogado o despacho de abogados que quiera montar su propio despacho pueda tener una aplicación para la gestión de su despacho, basado en software libre y no viendose obligado a usar soluciones profesionales que aunque puedan ser más completas impliquen un gasto inicial muy elevado.


Author: Oscar Ramirez Jimenez

Email: tuxskar<at>

Installation on Linux

Using PyPI:

$> pip install ordenley

Alternative installation

As normal python application:

$> python install


As the program script is stored into bin you can run it using:

> ordenley

Actual version Pre-alpha

This version allow you just work with simple clients


  • Tested (up to ~90%)
  • Database located in the same position (at home/.ordenley)
  • Installation easy from PyPI using "pip install ordenley"
  • Show actual clients in the DB
  • Modify clients from UI
  • Add new clients from UI
  • Remove clients from UI


From 0.1.6dev
  • Renamed package test to tests to run the binary
  • Fixed main_window plot
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