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Java EE + Kotlin REST implementation
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Integrum EE

Currently integrum EE is a proof of concept of a Java EE project with support for Kotlin and Java as languages

As 2019-04-22 it has been tested with the following enterprise APIs

  • JPA
  • EJB
  • CDI
  • JAX-RS

Notes for development

To run this project locally you should create your own database configuration, the easiest way is to create your own glassfish-resources.xml file, for reference a shadow .dsxml copy has been included to use it as basis

Currently this project supports

  • Java EE 8
  • MicroProfile 2.1
  • Arquillian & Junit 4
  • Java 8
  • Kotlin 1.3.x
  • Flyway 5

Build with docker

mvn clean package && docker build -t com.nabenik/integrum-ee .

RUN with docker compose

docker compose up

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