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Note: This plugin has now been integrated into a native macOS app, Jupyter Notebook Viewer. This is the recommended way to install the QuickLook generator.

A stand-alone Quick Look generator for Jupyter/IPython notebooks on macOS. Contents are rendered on-the-fly using nbviewer.js.

Getting started

  • Download ipynb-quicklook.qlgenerator (Releases)
  • The generator is unsigned and not notarized by Apple. You need to remove the quarantine attribute like this on macOS Catalina and later (#6):
    xattr -d ipynb-quicklook.qlgenerator
  • Move the generator into /Library/QuickLook 1. You may need to run qlmanage -r to reset the Quick Look server and caches.
  • Press space whenever you encounter a .ipynb file. Enjoy 👍

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This project is licensed under the MIT license. See for details.

© 2017 Tino Wagner


  1. Note that the generator must be installed globally. Installation to ~/Library/QuickLook/ is not sufficient (see #4).