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Magnetic Pendulum, OpenCL version
This is an implementation of a magnetic pendulum in OpenCL. A spherical
pendulum is influenced by magnets. For every point of origin the program
finds the magnet the pendulum's body will be nearest when it comes to rest
(friction is taken into account). It will create an image, where every pixel
(points in the $\phi$-$\theta$-plane) is mapped to a color representing
each magnet.
The problem is ideally suited for parallel computing as every initial
condition can be solved independently from the others. I did a Python version
some time ago that utilized Scipy. Although it was quite optimized with C code,
it performed very bad. To create a map of 1600x1600 pixels, it took about 2700
minutes! Leveraging the power hidden in GPUs, I wanted to know what speed-up
would be reached.
The code works quite good so far. I began coding a CPU version in C that is a
lot faster than the original Python version, but even my decent GPU out-
performs that by a factor of ten. The map from above can now be done in 284
seconds. That is seconds, not minutes! :-)
However, I think there is still plenty of room for optimization and a
real-time visualization of the mapping process would be really cool.