The an is attemp to map all public nodes that are part of the GNU Social Fediverse as a way to contribute to the grow of the community.
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index.php is an attempt to map all public nodes that are part of the GNU social Fediverse, in order to contribute to the growth of the community. We offer a neutral starting point for newcomers, while also being a knowledge base for admins and existing users.

Important information

In order for this to work, you need to add this GeoIP database I created in the ./data/dbs/ directory. Unfortunately, it's more than 100 MB and GitHub thinks it's an ugly file. Shame on you, GitHub!

MaxMind originally provided the information in the database.

How it works

It's actually very simple.

There is a frontend which includes a pre-crawled table of the main nodes that are part of the !fediverse. It also handles the UI, submitting new nodes, etc.

The database is refreshed every 15 minutes by the parser, which is executed via cronjob by the ./fediadmin.php. This parser generates an HTML table with all nodes and updates the main SQLite database. ./fediadmin.php also includes other methods like generate-table, which regenerates the HTML table without crawling all nodes for new information. It can be executed via command line (which is recommended), but unfortunately the server where the site is currently hosted doesn't allow commands in my cronjobs, so crawling is done via a simple wget.

More information can be found on the site itself. I promise to make a more useful README file here on Github later.

This is a community-supported, non-profit project. Feel free to collaborate or donate if you want to contribute! Please visit the TODO list of pending tasks and suggestions for a better idea of how you can contribute.