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Hazmat ECC arithmetic for
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Hazmat ECC arithmetic for

Hazmat math implements some basic ECC arithmetic for use with objects using the OpenSSL backend. Specifically, _EllipticCurvePrivateKey and _EllipticCurvePublicKey.

Any operations with EC_POINT will return an _EllipticCurvePublicKey and any operations with BN will return an _EllipticCurvePrivateKey.


  1. If you don't know what you're doing, you probably shouldn't be using this library.
  2. This hasn't had an official security audit. (They are welcome, though.)
  3. This hasn't been tested on non-prime order curves (e.g. Curve25519). It is not believed by the author to work on these curves.


from cryptography.hazmat.backends import default_backend()
from cryptography.hazmat.primitives.asymmetric import ec

from hazmat_math import operations as ops

priv_a = ec.generate_private_keys(ec.SECP256K1(), default_backend())
priv_b = ec.generate_private_keys(ec.SECP256K1(), default_backend())

pub_a = priv_a.public_key()
pub_b = priv_b.public_key()

# Multiplication
priv_c = ops.BN_MOD_MUL(priv_a, priv_b)
pub_c = ops.EC_POINT_MUL(pub_a, priv_a)

# Division
priv_c = ops.BN_DIV(priv_a, priv_b)

# Inversion
inv_a_priv = ops.BN_MOD_INVERSE(priv_a)
inv_a_pub = ops.EC_POINT_INVERT(pub_a)

# Addition
priv_c = ops.BN_MOD_ADD(priv_a, priv_b)
pub_c = ops.EC_POINT_ADD(pub_a, pub_b)

# Subtraction
priv_c = ops.BN_MOD_SUB(priv_a, priv_b)
pub_c = ops.EC_POINT_SUB(pub_a, pub_b)

# Get generator point from curve
gen_point = ops.CURVE_GET_GENERATOR(ec.SECP256K1())

# Get order of curve
order = ops.CURVE_GET_ORDER(ec.SECP256K1())


  1. Clone or download the repository
  2. Ensure that you have install (pip install cryptography)
  3. python install


  1. Testing!
  2. Get setup on pypy.
  3. Extend arithmetic functionality

Pull Requests are welcome!

Donations accepted:

3LtQheFpRgKy828GJXAgjL3UN6QFg3AiHL (BTC)


0x2D9D6335074Dd581c24EE138f96c1655a107Ef05 (ETH)

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