Removes given regions from the current selection set.
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Removes given regions from the current selection set. And also the chores from pressing multiple times Ctrl+K,Ctrl+D when we want to exclude something from the selection progress.


Individual items

So, the following scenario: We've selected all occurancies of the word "span" in the document (Alt+F3 when the cursor is on the word "span") and we want to remove the second and the forth occurance from the selection set. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F3 (or Selection>Remove regions…>Select) will ask for a comma separated values. And since the iteration is zero-based we have to type in "1,3" and press enter.


Similar to the individual items removal we can specify range. If we want to remove the first item and then the items from 5 to 9 the input should be "1,4-8".

Odd and Even

The input also can accept the values "odd" and "even". Hopefully it's self explanatory what it does.


The Selection>Remove…>Again executes again the last given set for exclusion. It's view based.

And remember - Ctrl+U will undo your last selection change.


The following commands are available through the command palette and can be bound to keyboard shortcuts:

  • remove_regions
  • remove_regions_odd
  • remove_regions_even
  • remove_regions_again

The default keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F3 for remove_regions and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F2 for remove_regions_again.