Large file storage with Git
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Think Big, Git Big

Large file storage with Git

big extends git so it is able to handle large collections of large files -- more than you'd have disk space for.

  • only the files you request are available locally
  • multiple copies are maintained for data integrity

big is not like git-annex, because

  • it doesn't track the locations of the data files in the git repository
  • it's not written in Haskell, so it might even work across distribution upgrades and platforms
  • symlink destinations don't have to change when you move files from one directory to another
  • it syncs over sftp, using Paramiko

Much like git-annex's "not" page explains, big also isn't

  • a backup system (it does not keep history of the big files)
  • filesystem (but you're free to fiddle with FUSE)
  • not just a way to store large files; partial checkouts and replicas also matter a lot
  • git-media, because big does partial checkouts

big exists because managing about 3TB of data with git-annex got too frustrating. We'll see if it's an actual improvement, or just something fun to hack on.

How does big work?

Well, it stores data. Let's say repo is your Git repository (non-bare), you create a file jam.mp3 with the SHA-1 of 0123..23, and run big add jam.mp3. Then you'd have:

  • symlink jam.mp3 -> .big/01/, added to Git's index
  • symlink .big -> .git/big
  • directory .git/big/
  • file .git/big/01/, with your mp3 in it

The files are managed like this:

  • symlink jam.mp3: commit to git
  • symlink .big: put in .gitignore, used only so symlink contents don't have to change
  • directory .git/big: outside of git history, managed with big commands