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Show how group sections in config can be used in example.conf.

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1 parent 4d8ba77 commit a938dccf82aab1e8655c50a5d2974d7ea46a61a0 @tv42 committed Apr 15, 2008
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@@ -23,6 +23,11 @@ members = jdoe wsmith @anothergroup
writable = foo bar baz/thud
readonly = xyzzy
+## You can use groups just to avoid listing users multiple times. Note
+## no writable= or readonly= lines.
+[group anothergroup]
+members = alice bill
## You can play fancy tricks by making some repositories appear with
## different names in different contexts. Not really supported
## everywhere (e.g. gitweb) and can be confusing -- experts only.

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