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How to use the autoresponder:
WARNING to non-Debian users:
Twisted 1.3 contains two severe bugs that may cause lost mail and
actually prevent using the autoresponder. These have been fixed in
upstream Twisted, in commits r12036, r12767 and r12858. Debian has
these bugs fixed in twisted-1.3.0-6 and later.
In the LDAP entry for an account, add one or more instances of the
attributetype scaleMailAway. The values should look like:
away = start SP stop [(LF / CRLF) message]
start = isotime
stop = isotime
isotime = year "-" month "-" day
[ "T" hour [ ":" minute [ ":" second ] ] ]
Where year, month, day, hour, minute and second should be obvious, and
message is as defined in RFC 2822.
(That is, two ISO 8601 timestamps separated by space on the first
line, the rest is an optional mail message.)
During the time between start and stop, the email message given is
sent as an autoresponse to anyone sending email to the account. A
single person gets atmost a limited number of autoresponses per time
If the message given is a MIME multipart message, the original message
is attached to it.
Special header fields starting with "X-Scalemail-" can configure
the following things:
will be used as subject prefix in the autoresponse
PS. A lot of thanks to Bruce Guenter for his qmail-autoresponder
software (, it
provided a lot of inspiration for scalemail.gone.
PPS. scalemail.gone is meant to be a pluggable engine, with no
dependency on LDAP or Scalemail itself. Using it in other
projects should be quite easy.