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First public release !

Our first app, a free augmented reality game, is now available on the play store ! Download

Beta Test V3.3

The betat 3.3 is out ! Join the Community and download the application!


  • a "new mission" button that can be used to select a new mission from the score fragment.

New Content

  • a mission system with 6 unique missions
  • a rank system for each mission

A terrible attempt at making a trailer

Old Log - Beta Test V2.3

Bug Fix

  • no more ghosts should be untargetable
  • display an error message when no sensors are retrieved


  • reloading time has been reduces (from 1500 ms to 1000ms)
  • you can find the names of some beta testers who really helped us. i > Thanks to
  • add two "uses-feature" : accelerometer & compass
  • the profil has its own activity

New Content

  • a drop system with 3 loots : Old Coin, Broken Helmet Horn and Baby Drool
  • a craft system with 2 items : Steel Bullet and Gold Bullet
  • the inventory section of the game is now fully implemented: Profil > Inventory You can manage all your items!
  • you can change the sensor delay! i > Sensor Delay button
  • you can now use some bonuses - that you crafted - to be a stronger hunter
  • 3 new achievements (Novice, Trained and Expert Looter) they should be very easy with the current drop rates.


  • drop rates are very high for beta test purpose only

Chase Whisply banner


Chase Whisply is an "augmented reality" FPS. You have to seek, find and kill the ghosts living around you.

Chase Whisply screenshot

In Game

Chase Whisply screenshot

Credits and License

Credits go to Thomas Barthélémy and Vincent Barthélémy

Licensed under the Beerware License:

You can do whatever you want with this stuff.
If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy us a beer (or basically anything else) in return.

Special Thanks to ...

Thomas Keunebroek , for his early day support and precious advice.