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(proxied function).prototype = ... #11

fuson opened this Issue Dec 9, 2012 · 2 comments

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fuson commented Dec 9, 2012

Environment: Node.js


const f = function () {

const pf = Proxy(f, ...);

pf.prototype = {}; // This statement will cast exception

@tvcutsem tvcutsem was assigned Dec 18, 2012

Thanks for reporting. I know what causes the error, but am not yet sure how to fix it. I will send e-mail to es-discuss to discuss the best fix to the problem.

In a nutshell, what happens is the following:

fp.prototype = {} // this triggers the proxy's "set" trap
// since the "set" trap is not defined, the proxy defaults to calling:
Reflect.set(f, 'prototype', {}, fp) // note: the proxy fp itself is being passed as the "receiver" argument to Reflect.set

Inside Reflect.set, a test is made to check whether f === fp.
If this test is true, Reflect.set tries to update the existing 'prototype' property to the "receiver"
If this test is false, Reflect.set tries to add a new data property to the "receiver"

Since f === fp will fail, Reflect.set tries to add the data property {value: {}, enumerable:true, writable: true, configurable:true } to fp. The proxy in turn forwards this operation and tries to add the property to f, which fails because f already defines a property with the same name which is non-configurable, and one cannot change a non-configurable property into a configurable property.

There are a couple of fixes:
1) let the default "set" trap forward the operation as
Reflect.set(f, 'prototype', {}, f) rather than Reflect.set(f, 'prototype', {}, fp)

2) change the f === fp test in Reflect.set to take proxies into account explicitly, and change it to:
(f === fp || fp is a proxy for f)

@tvcutsem tvcutsem added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 20, 2012
@tvcutsem fixed issue #11 b4b2f7a

The issue has been fixed. See commit notes referenced above.

@tvcutsem tvcutsem closed this Dec 20, 2012
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