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TVD Plugin Template

TVD is a meta-data corpus for research purpose around multimedia analysis of TV series.
Thanks to its plugin architecture, TVD can easily be extended to new TV series.

How to create a TVD plugin

  1. Fork the Github repository.
  2. Clone your repository:
    $ git clone
  3. Edit (including SERIES_NAME variable).
  4. Rename SeriesName directory to ${SERIES_NAME}.
  5. Edit ${SERIES_NAME}/ Python file.
  6. Edit ${SERIES_NAME}/tvd.yml YAML configuration file.
  7. Run $ python update_files to create ${SERIES_NAME}/ versioning file.
  8. Commit everything...
    $ git commit -a -m"Initial commit
  9. ... and add a version tag.
    $ git tag -a 0.1
  10. Push everything to Github.
    $ git push --all --tags

How to test your TVD plugin

  1. Start from a clean virtualenv
    $ virtualenv /tmp/tvd
  2. Install the latest version of tvd
    $ pip install tvd
  3. Install your plugin
    $ pip install -e /path/to/your/plugin/directory
  4. Use tvd.create script to download all resources
    $ python -m tvd.create /tmp/ ${SERIES_NAME}
  5. Check that everything was downloaded correctly in /tmp/${SERIES_NAME}

How to update your TVD plugin

  1. Apply your changes.
  2. Commit everything...
    $ git commit -a -m"Initial commit
  3. ... and update version tag:
    git tag -a 0.2
  4. Push everything to Github.
    $ git push --all --tags