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Simple python script to compress PDF
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Pdfc -- PDF Compressor

Original Author: Sylvain Carlioz, 6/03/2017

Simple python wrapper script to use ghoscript function to compress PDF files. With this class you can compress and or fix a folder with (corrupt) PDF files.

You can also use this class within your own scripts just do a import CompressPDF


  • Install dependency Ghostscript. On MacOSX: brew install ghostscript On Windows: install binaries via [official website] (
  • Create a symbolic link if you want to run it everywhere in bash ln -s pdfc
  • Add in PATH environment variable On MacOSX: echo export=/absolute/path/of/the/folder/script/:$PATH >> ~/.bash_profile


pdfc [-sf startFolder] [-cl compressLevel] [-s showInfo]

Ex: pdfc -sf /User/Me/PDF-Files/ -cd 2 -s 1

Output Example:

Compress PDF...
Compression by 65%.
Final file size is 1.4MB


  • -c or --compress specifies 5 levels of compression, similar to standard pdf generator level:
    • 0: default
    • 1: prepress
    • 2: printer
    • 3: ebook
    • 4: screen
  • -oor --out specifies the output file path. If not specified, input file will be erased.
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