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Tvheadend buildroot config

  1. Copy package/tvheadend/ to your buildroot
  2. Add "source "package/tvheadend/Config.in"" to package/Config.in, before the udpcast entry.
  3. Ensure that the following options are enabled in buildroot config:
  • Toolchain > Enable large file
  • Toolchain > Enable IPV6 support
  • Package > Networking applications > Tvheadend
  1. Optionally you can enable:
  • imagecache : Package > Libraries > Networking > libcurl
  • avahi : Package > Networking applications > avahi
  • zlib: Package > Libraries > Compression > zlib
  1. If you're rebuilding you may need to remove all of:
  • dl/tvheadend*
  • output/build/tvheadend*


For compiling for the TBS MOI you need to configure buildroot as follows:

  • Target Architecture > ARM (little endian)
  • Target Architecture Variant > cortex-A8
  • Target ABI > EABI

Once compiled you can simply copy the binary and init scripts to the box

  • build/target/usr/bin/tvheadend -> MOI:/usr/bin/tvheadend
  • build/target/etc/default/tvheadend -> MOI:/etc/default/tvheadend
  • build/target/etc/init.d/S99tvheadend -> MOI:/etc/init.d/S99tvheadend
  • build/target/root/.hts/tvheadend/accesscontrol/1 MOI:/root/.hts/tvheadend/accesscontrol/1
  • build/target/usr/lib/ MOI:/usr/lib

Note: if installing onto a pre-configured MOI image you probably have to remove /etc/init.d/S99tv

Note: The last step (accesscontrol) only needs to be done once

Note: timeshift is currently disabled

Note: dvbcsa is still not linked, so descrambling might be an issue

Note: you probably need to set TVH_DELAY=10 to ensure good startup

Note: you may need to set TVH_USER/GROUP = root, due to default adapter permissions