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sofakng commented Sep 3, 2012

This patch adds support for DBS Bandstacked LNBFs that are typical in North America.

I've added a new entry to the lnblist called "DBS Bandstacked" with the following frequenies:

lo - 11250000
hi - 14350000
switch = BANDSTACKED_NA_LNB (special flag/constant defined in dvb.h)

The tuning code (dvb_fe_tune) has also been modified to check this special value and adjust the frequencies accordingly.

cub69 commented Sep 3, 2012

Adam, I don't use bandstacked but I know this patch was tested by a number of users.


Any update on this? This patch works perfectly for me. I was hoping support for 22khz switches as well. Hope we can get that on the roadmap.


I need to find someone who can review the patch and ensure its not going to break anything else. I don't have any knowledge personally, though I'll try and get my head around it.


ok, so let me get this straight NA use some weird bandstacking scheme (remember I know very little about any of this ;) where they switch the hi/lo band based on the polarisation?

If so I think we can merge this, but I think that it should be done slightly differently. keep switchfreq=0 in the config but do an explicit ID check for now in fe_tune.c. If there are other cases where this happens then we might need something more generic.

@sofakng can you make those mods? then I'll look at merging.

sofakng commented Sep 17, 2012

@adamsutton OK - I've made the changes you requested and am now performing an explicit ID check instead of using the special frequency. It's confusing to understand exactly how it works, but basically a bandstacked LNB takes the horizontal polarity frequencies and puts them higher then the vertical... (i.e. stacking them) and thus making them vertical.

@Rocket31337 After we get this patch commited into the master I'll add support for 22khz switches... (then we can test and make sure that extra code works OK, etc)


@sofakng ta, now merged.

@adamsutton adamsutton closed this Sep 17, 2012
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