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--- About ---

Contents of this repository was used to demonstrate relational (PostgreSQL)
approach to the Twitter example, in constrast to a NoSQL (Redis) approach
(available here 

The intent was not to prove that relational approach is the only correct
one, but to demonstrate the differences between relational and NoSQL
approaches, pros/cons etc. And comparing them side-by-side makes the
comparison much more illustrative.

The Twitter example was chosen because it's a de-facto hello world app
in the NoSQL world, it's quite simple to understand (everyone knows what
a tweet or follower is, etc.).

To run this file you'll need PostgreSQL (tested with 9.0, should work with
8.x releases) and intarray contrib module.

--- License ---

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
Unported License. The summary of the license is available here:

and the full legal code of the license is available here: