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Find the Gruntfile by crawling up folders #42

tvooo opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Feature request for sublime grunt: find the first gruntfile for the currently open file by crawling up parent directories.


This would be great. It's pretty unrealistic to expect every file open in your project to be in the same directory as the Gruntfile...






+1 (or even have it in the settings)


I think a config file for each project would be a better option because the Gruntfile is not necessarily in the same folder for every project. Like discussed in #56, it could be a sublime-grunt.config file at the project root with the path to the current Gruntfile.


As lefoy already mentioned it would be nice to be able to configure the location of the Gruntfile.js in sublime-grunt.config file at project level.


I think a much better place for this variable is in the .sublime-project file - then all project specific settings are stored in the same location. :+1: for both ideas though, as they solve the same problem (the rest is semantics).

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