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;; -*- lexical-binding: nil; -*-
;;; Commands added by calc-private-autoloads on Fri Mar 25 22:44:12 1994.
(autoload 'calc-dispatch "calc" "Calculator Options" t)
(autoload 'full-calc "calc" "Full-screen Calculator" t)
(autoload 'full-calc-keypad "calc" "Full-screen X Calculator" t)
(autoload 'calc-eval "calc" "Use Calculator from Lisp")
(autoload 'defmath "calc" nil t t)
(autoload 'calc "calc" "Calculator Mode" t)
(autoload 'quick-calc "calc" "Quick Calculator" t)
(autoload 'calc-keypad "calc" "X windows Calculator" t)
(autoload 'calc-embedded "calc" "Use Calc inside any buffer" t)
(autoload 'calc-embedded-activate "calc" "Activate =>'s in buffer" t)
(autoload 'calc-grab-region "calc" "Grab region of Calc data" t)
(autoload 'calc-grab-rectangle "calc" "Grab rectangle of data" t)
(global-set-key "\e#" 'calc-dispatch)
;;; End of Calc autoloads.
;;; Calc mode settings:
;;; Mode settings stored by Calc on Fri Mar 27 11:24:23 1992
(setq calc-group-digits t)
(setq calc-complex-format 'i)
(setq calc-angle-mode 'rad)
(setq calc-language 'tex)
(setq calc-display-trail nil)
(setq calc-auto-why 1)
;;; End of mode settings