semi automatic disassembler for Ford EEC-IV and V binaries
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semi automatic disassembler for Ford EEC-IV and V binaries - version 3.08

NOTE - this code is intended to help understand only how each EEC works, not as a tuning or commercial tool.

Split into separate subdirectories.

Docs subdirectory

SAD.pdf disassembler documentation (inc 3.08)

SADWIN.pdf Windows Wrapper documentation

Version.txt Short description of bugs fixed and changes made

Windows Subdirectory

SAD.exe version 3.07 and 3.08 for windows (32 bit build)

SADWIN.exe Windows GUI 'Wrapper' (32 bit build)

chip.ico icon file

Notes - SADwin will create a default config file for you, which you can then setup to your preference

Linux Subdirectory

SAD3_07 and SAD3_08 linux amd64 build. After download, make this file executable if necessary with chmod. sad.ini an example file to show path locations, not auto generated. (no SADWIN equiv yet)


Edit sad.ini for your setup.

If sad.ini is not in same directory as SADx then run command SADx -c 'path' where path is location of sad.ini.

If no sad.ini present, then everything must be in same directory as SADx

Source Subdirectory

Contains sources and headers to build SAD I have used CodeBlocks and Codelite as compilers/IDE, should be able to use any common compiler/linker