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this is the fork of bicycleGAN which is used to train and run GANs for frankenGAN. the interactive system which uses these networks is chordatlas.



  • nvidia GPU (CUDA 8+)
  • pytorch 1.4
  • visdom
  • dominate

the entry point is which listens to the ./input folders for new inputs, and writes them to ./output (these folders should exist). it will download the pre-trained model weights the first time your run it. Once it is running, set chordatlas's bikeGAN file location (in the settings menu) to the bikeGAN root directory (the one containing this file).

alternatively, use the docker container with nvidia-docker:

nvidia-docker run -v $(pwd)/input:/home/user/bikegan/input -v $(pwd)/output:/home/user/bikegan/output -it --rm twak/bikegan


if you use this project, please cite frankenGAN

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