Cheap in-browser automation for running a collection of QUnit test pages.
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#cheapoMation Cheap in-browser automation for QUnit tests. It traverses a list of links on an index page, runs each associated QUnit page in an iframe, and reports the results back to the index page. If all tests pass, the page will go green, if not, red.

cheapoMation isn't meant to be a robust full test automation suite. It is meant to be a quick way to run a collection of in-browser unit tests while belaboring over which of the delightful js test automation tools to set up properly and use long term (JSTestDriver, Selenium, TestSwarm, etc).

Use cheapoMation right away, but discard it like a pair of smelly socks once you've found your true automation tools.

###To add a QUnit test file to the collection:

  • Add an existing or new QUnit test page that includes cheapoMation.publishDone.js
  • Add a link to the list on the index page.

####For example, to test a file named polyfills/function.js

  • Create a QUnit test file in examples/function_test.js
  • Copy _template.html as an HTML stub to examples/function.html
  • Update script references in function.html to the script and it's corresponding test file.
  • Add a link to index.html
  • Browse to index.html with your server of choice.
  • Spend far too long choosing different red and green colors--since my choices sucked.