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* Rack::Test now works as expected with domains and subdomains [Jonas Nicklas]
* Session is reset more thoroughly between tests. [Jonas Nicklas]
* Raise error when uploading non-existant file [Jonas Nicklas]
+* Rack reponse body should respond to #each [Piotr Sarnacki]
+* Deprecation warnings with selenium webdriver 0.2.0 [Aaron Gibraltar]
+* Selenium Chrome no longer YELLS tagname [Carl Jackson & David W. Frank]
+* Capybara no longer strips encoding before sending to Rack [Jonas Nicklas]
+* Improve handling of relative URLs [John Barton]
+* Readd and fix build_rack_mock_session [Jonas Nicklas, Jon Leighton]
# Version 0.4.1

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