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Commits on Jun 12, 2011
  1. @scottdavis
  2. @scottdavis
  3. @chriseppstein

    Fix bug

    chriseppstein authored
  4. @chriseppstein
  5. @chriseppstein
  6. @chriseppstein

    make the micro-clearfix a replacement for pie-clearfix. Add a new leg…

    chriseppstein authored
    …acy-pie-clearfix for users who still need the old clearfix.
  7. @scottdavis


    scottdavis authored
  8. @scottdavis
  9. @scottdavis
  10. @scottdavis

    updated change log

    scottdavis authored
  11. @scottdavis
  12. @chriseppstein

    changelog updates.

    chriseppstein authored
  13. @scottdavis
  14. @scottdavis
  15. @scottdavis
  16. @scottdavis
  17. @chriseppstein

    Merge commit 'cb6068c9a351cd43111e7a89f2c69c095a3eeec6' into stable

    chriseppstein authored
    * commit 'cb6068c9a351cd43111e7a89f2c69c095a3eeec6':
      Adding Micro Clearfix which is new and uses less CSS than PIE Clearfix
  18. @scottdavis

    updated tests

    scottdavis authored
  19. @scottdavis
  20. @scottdavis

    added engine to sprite_map

    scottdavis authored
  21. @scottdavis
  22. @scottdavis

    added canvas to engine

    scottdavis authored
  23. @chriseppstein
  24. @chriseppstein
  25. @chriseppstein
  26. @chriseppstein

    Code cleanup

    chriseppstein authored
  27. @chriseppstein
  28. @scottdavis

    engine abstract

    scottdavis authored
  29. @scottdavis

    engine test

    scottdavis authored
  30. @scottdavis
  31. @scottdavis

    sprite module files

    scottdavis authored
  32. @chriseppstein

    Revert "Adding changelog entry"

    chriseppstein authored
    This reverts commit d4422d1.
  33. @chriseppstein

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'pfeiffer/cache_busting' into stable

    chriseppstein authored
    * pfeiffer/cache_busting:
      Removing unneeded 'unquote' from tests
      Adding note about path based asset cache busting in to documentation
      Adding changelog entry
      Fix comments for asset_cache_buster
      Make asset_cache_buster return a hash with path and query, while still maintaining support for cache busting via query string if a string is returned.
      Extend cache busting to allow for path manipulation
Commits on Jun 11, 2011
  1. @chriseppstein

    Sass and compass both have :quiet options with different meanings. So…

    chriseppstein authored
    … we have to separate the options out.
  2. @chriseppstein
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