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ActiveRecord 3, improved.

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This is a complete rewrite of the library formerly called MetaWhere. It's Rails 3.1-only for now.

It's not really suitable for actual use yet, but you're welcome to test it and send me feedback.

What's new?

A lot.

  • Symbol and hash methods aren't loaded by default. To enable them, do this in your Squeel.configure block: config.load_core_extensions :hash, :symbol

  • Speaking of, you can call Squeel.configure do |config| … end and do another bit of configuration, setting up your own aliases. config.alias_predicate :new_name, :old_name

  • The preferred way to use the various enhancements is now by passing a block to the relation method you're calling. For example:{max(id).as(max_id)} # Call SQL functions
    Person.where{(name == 'bob') & (salary == 100000)} # Compounds & and | work
  • Operators have changed. As before, operators starting with ! are only available on Ruby 1.9. Upgrade, for the love of all that is good and holy.

    • - Equality

    • != - Inequality

    • ^ - Inequality, for those poor souls on 1.8.x

    • >> - In, (mnemonic: value >> [1,2,3], the value is running INTO the array)

    • << - Not in, (mnemonic: value << [1,2,3], the value is running OUT of the array)

    • ~ - Matches (SQL LIKE)

    • !~ - Not matches (SQL NOT LIKE) Again, only in Ruby 1.9

    • > - Greater than

    • >= - Greater than or equal to

    • < - Less than

    • <= - Less than or equal to

      • Alternative function syntax. Just use parentheses, not sure I'm gonna keep [].

There's more – have a read through the specs for a better idea of what you can do, or clone the repo, run bundle install and play around in rake console.

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