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Closing an unencrypted email message prompts that the properties of a message has been changed #47

facebookdevbim opened this Issue Jan 30, 2012 · 1 comment

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When I decrypt a message and then close it I get a prompt telling me that the properties of a message has been changed. It gives me the opportunity to

1) accept the changes. If I do this and then close outlook and reopen. The message is left in it's unencrypted state, which I don't want.

2) don't accept the changes. If I do this, then on closing outlook it prompts me again twice in succession. When I reopen outlook the message is as I would like, left in it's encrypted state.

The thing is two is what I would like by default with out outlook prompting me three (3) times about property changes. Is there a setting I can set to have 2) without the three prompts?


doegox commented Jan 30, 2012

Sorry we didn't find how to change Outlook's behavior :-(
I'll leave it open as change request, just in case.

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