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Welcome to the OutlookGnuPG wiki!

OutlookGnuPG is a fork of the original GPG in Outlook 2007 – OutlookGnuPG by David Cumps.
Given David had no time to pursue the development we, a colleague and myself, decided to put our hands in the source code to solve minor issues we encountered in our configuration:

- better parsing of gpg —list-key to support multiple UIDs and subkeys
- support for a default domain name for X.400 addresses
- fix overflow issue for large gpg output (e.g. public keyring is sth like > 160 keys)

See also the ChangeLog file.

Please note, the visual studio project is downgraded to Visual Studio 2005 (version 9.0) and makes use of the Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Office System SE Solutions


Please also read the installation notes from David. Note that the installation of this OutlookGnuPG plugin does not require to change Trust Level in the Internet options and will not produce the warning about the “Publisher cannot be verified”.


The Addin requires the following prerequisites:

Setup files

Use the OutlookGnuPG Windows Installer if you already have the prerequisites installed, or use the OutlookGnuPG Standalone Setup to first install the required prerequisites. The required prerequisites are included in the standalone setup package. The Windows Installer will check for the prerequisites and will fail if one is missing. Both files are available from the Download Page.

Version of the OutlookGnuPG Windows Installer corresponding to the lasted commit of the development branch is placed in the download section.


See Troubleshooting page

Known issue(s)

See issues