Hiccup source to HTML watcher and converter
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This is a leiningen plugin that just watches for changes in your Hiccup source files. "Hiccup is a library for representing HTML in Clojure".


To use this plugin across your projects, put [hiccup-watch "0.1.1"] into the :plugins vector of your :user profile.

Or if you are on Leiningen 1.x do lein plugin install hiccup-watch 0.1.1.

To install this plugin at a project level, put [hiccup-watch "0.1.1"] into the :plugins vector of your project.clj.

You can set this configuration {:hiccup-watch {:input-dir "in/" :output-dir "out/"}} in your project.clj. Then you can just call the plugin like so.

$ lein hiccup-watch

Or you can just pass in those parameters directly. This also acts as an override to the configured values.

$ lein hiccup-watch :input-dir in/ :output-dir out/


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Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.