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Fix for standalone Compass extension compatibility. #914

Framework version: Bootstrap v3.3.5


No Sass-specific changes.

Framework version: Bootstrap v3.3.4


This is a re-packaged release of (v3.3.2+1).

Versions are now strictly semver. The PATCH version may be ahead of the upstream.

Framework version: Bootstrap v3.3.2.

  • Fix glyphicons regression (revert 443d5b49eac84aec1cb2f8ea173554327bfc8c14)

  • Autoprefixer is now required, and autoprefixer-rails is now a dependency for the ruby gem. #824
  • Minimum precision reduced from 10 to 8 #821
  • Requiring bootstrap JS from npm now works #812
  • Fix Sass 3.4.x + IE10 compatibility issue #803
  • Provide minified JS bundle #777
  • Bower package is now at bootstrap-sass #813

  • Variables override template at templates/project/_bootstrap-variables.sass
  • Readme: Bower + Rails configuration

  • Fix loading issue with the ruby gem version


  • Improve libsass compatibility
  • Support using Bower package with Rails

Main bootstrap file is now a partial (_bootstrap.scss), for compatibility with Compass 1+.

Fixed a number of bugs. Issues closed in v3.2.0.2.

Fixed a number of bugs: Issues closed in v3.2.0.1.

  • Assets (Sass, JS, fonts) moved from vendor/assets to assets. bootstrap.js now contains concatenated JS.
  • Compass generator now copies JS and fonts, and provides a better default styles.sass.
  • Compass, Sprockets, and Mincer asset path helpers are now provided in pure Sass: bootstrap-compass, bootstrap-sprockets, and bootstrap-mincer. Asset path helpers must be imported before bootstrap, more in Readme.
  • Sprockets / Mincer JS manifest has been moved to bootstrap-sprockets.js. It can be required without adding Bootstrap JS directory to load path, as it now uses relative paths.
  • Sprockets: depend_on_asset (glyphicons.scss) has been changed to depend_on to work around an issue with depend_on_asset. More information.

  • Updated Bower docs

  • #523: Rails 3.2 compatibility
  • Bugfixes from upstream up to 7eb532262fbd1112215b5a547b9285794b5360ab.

  • #518: scale mixin Sass compatibility issue

  • compiles with libsass master

  • fix vendor paths for compass

  • Fully automated (lots of string juggling) LESS -> Sass conversion. - Gleb Mazovetskiy
  • Ported rake task from vwall/compass-twitter-bootstrap to convert Bootstrap upstream - Peter Gumeson
  • Moved javascripts to us bootstrap-component.js to bootstrap/component.js - Peter Gumeson

  • Allow sass-rails >= 3.2 - Thomas McDonald

  • Update to Bootstrap 2.3.2 - Dan Allen

  • Find the correct Sprockets context for the image_path function - Tristan Harward, Gleb Mazovetskiy

  • Fix changes to image url - Gleb Mazovetskiy
  • Copy _variables into project on Compass install - Phil Thompson
  • Add bootstrap-affix to the Compass template file - brief (yanked)

  • Change how image_url is handled internally - Tristan Harward
  • Fix some font variables not having !default - Thomas McDonald

  • [#290] Update to Bootstrap 2.3.0 - Tristan Harward
  • Fix rake:debug with new file locations - Thomas McDonald
  • Add draft contributing document - Thomas McDonald
  • [#260] Add our load path to the global Sass load path - Tristan Harward
  • [#275] Use GitHub notation in Sass head testing gemfile - Timo Schilling
  • [#279, #283] Readme improvements - theverything, Philip Arndt

  • [#270] Update to Bootstrap 2.2.2 - Tristan Harward
  • [#266] Add license to gemspec - Peter Marsh

  • [#258] Use bootstrap prefix for @importing files in bootstrap/bootstrap.scss - Umair Siddique

  • [#246] Update to Bootstrap 2.2.1 - Tristan Harward
  • [#246] Pull Bootstrap updates from jlong/sass-twitter-bootstrap - Tristan Harward

  • Update to Bootstrap 2.1.1
  • [#222] Remove 100% multiplier in vertical-three-colours
  • [#227] Fix IE component animation collapse
  • [#228] Fix variables documentation link
  • [#231] Made .input-block-level a class as well as mixin

  • [#219] Fix expected a color. Got: transparent.
  • [#207] Add missing warning style for table row highlighting
  • [#208] Use grid-input-span for input spans

  • Updated to Bootstrap 2.1
  • Changed some mixin names to be more consistent. Nested mixins in Less are separated by a - when they are flattened in Sass.

  • Fix .row-fluid > spanX nesting
  • Small Javascript fixes for those staying on the 2.0.4 release
  • Add !default to z-index variables.

  • Updated to Bootstrap 2.0.4
  • Switched to Bootstrap 2.0.3+'s method of separating responsive files
  • [#149, #150] Fix off by one error introduced with manual revert of media query breakpoints
  • rake debug and rake test both compile bootstrap & bootstrap-responsive

  • [#145, #146] Fix button alignment in collapsing navbar as a result of an incorrect variable


  • Updated to Bootstrap 2.0.3
  • [#106] Support for Rails < 3.1 through Compass
  • [#132] Add CI testing
  • [#106] Support Rails w/Compass
  • [#134] Fix support for Rails w/Compass


  • [#86] Updated to Bootstrap 2.0.2 Things of note: static navbars now have full width. (to be fixed in 2.0.3) .navbar-inner > .container { width:940px; } seems to work in the meanwhile
  • [#62] Fixed asset compilation taking a very long time.
  • [#69, #79, #80] (Hopefully) clarified README. Now with less cat humour.
  • [#91] Removed doubled up Sass extensions for Rails.
  • [#63, #73] Allow for overriding of image-path
  • [SO] Added makeFluidColumn mixin for defining fluid columns. Fluid rows must use @extend .row-fluid, and any column inside it can use @include makeFluidColumn(num), where num is the number of columns. Unfortunately, there is a rather major limitation to this: margins on first-child elements must be overriden. See the attached Stack Overflow answer for more information.


  • Updated to Bootstrap 2.0.1
  • Modified @mixin opacity() to take an argument 0...1 rather than 0...100 to be consistent with Compass.


  • Updated to Bootstrap 2.0.0
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