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It would be nice to explain why you recommend this? #79

behrangsa opened this Issue March 09, 2012 · 5 comments

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Behrang Saeedzadeh Thomas McDonald Bryan Rite Thomas Buckley-Houston namiheike
Behrang Saeedzadeh

So on the home page you have mentioned that:

Import "bootstrap" in your SCSS file of choice to get all of Bootstrap's styles, mixins and variables! Don't use Sproket's //= require directives for SASS files, because they're horrible and will kill your cat.

Why are Sprocket's //= require directives horrible? Why do you prefer @import? That sentence is not any helpful at all. It is just confusing.

Bryan Rite

Sprockets compiles each file individually, so mixins or variables to set in one file do not work in another; hence, all the mixins and variables available via Bootstrap are not within the scope of your own files, so you can't use them.

Import basically imports the files together and then they are compiled, allowing you to override and use Bootstrap.

Thomas McDonald

Fixed in 2.0.2. Links to that rather excellent explanation, in fact.

Thomas McDonald thomas-mcdonald closed this March 28, 2012
Thomas Buckley-Houston
tombh commented July 18, 2012

Sorry if this is misinformed; but then doesn't this mean that you lose the performance improvements of only having to recompile the single SASS file that's been changed, when in a development environment? I suspect that not using sprockets (in order to use mixins) is the reason I have to wait ~2-3 seconds each time I want to recompile my CSS.

EDIT: Aha! Think I found a really nice solution; instead of having to @import "bootstrap"; in every scss file, I'm just doing that in my main.scss and then doing;

@import "bootstrap/variables";
@import "bootstrap/mixins";

whenever I need mixins in scope. I've got < 100ms compile times again :)

Dennis Schubert denschub referenced this issue in diaspora/diaspora-project-site July 15, 2013

[WIP] Use bootstrap-sass instead of the static bootstrap.css + general cleanups #33

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@tombh That's a nice solution! But after that why we still using @import instead of =require in the main manifest file?

Thomas Buckley-Houston

@namiheike It's so long ago now, I'm not sure I remember! I think it's because if you use =require then the mixins aren't included.

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