Bootstrap 2.0.2 #86

thomas-mcdonald opened this Issue Mar 12, 2012 · 20 comments


None yet

thomas-mcdonald commented Mar 12, 2012

I'm on it.


ghost commented Mar 12, 2012

Thank You :)

ADO commented Mar 13, 2012

Good man! :)

linlis commented Mar 13, 2012

thanks a lot!

Sweet! Thanks.


cabgfx commented Mar 13, 2012

Thanks so much ❤️ 🍺

artiom commented Mar 13, 2012

Great work :)

zygote commented Mar 13, 2012

Thank you for your work! Appreciate it a lot.

Thank you for your work! I use this gem in all my projects.


thomas-mcdonald commented Mar 14, 2012

The conversion of the 2.0.2 branch is mostly finished, although I have to go through some bugs today and see what I can do with them, they are mostly related to the framework of the engine/extension rather than the SCSS. Feel free to go ahead and give it a whirl.

One particular caveat: if you use a static navbar, the container now has width:auto rather than a width of 940px. see twitter/bootstrap#2565 for more details.

very nice, thank you very much!

Thank you! :)

lanvige commented Mar 20, 2012

Thanks very much!


sporkd commented Mar 26, 2012

Just curious if you're using a convert script similar to the other compass bootstrap project?

If you wanted to start keeping it in source control, then I'm thinking the community would really help keep things up to date when new versions of bootstrap are released. Otherwise, could we maybe port it?

I'm asking because I really like the way this gem is organized, but I do miss that feature. And I know first hand how difficult it can be for one person to track an upstream lib that's always changing.

Thanks again!


thomas-mcdonald commented Mar 27, 2012

I'm doing it by hand, so I have no converter to add to source control.

zepad commented Mar 27, 2012

Thanks thomas! I'm eagerly awaiting the latest release!

Oooo! Just checked out the 2.0.2 brach, badges are coming!
I was just wondering if it was going to have badges! BADGES!

Thanks for this, it's a wonderful gem.

jcode commented Mar 28, 2012

thanks. great work!

IamNaN commented Mar 28, 2012

"Badges? Badges! We don't need no stickin' badges."

D'ya think we can bribe you into putting the Bootstrap version in the


thomas-mcdonald commented Mar 31, 2012

Just pushed 2.0.2, enjoy.

zepad commented Apr 6, 2012

Thank you!

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