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@glebm glebm released this Jun 26, 2014 · 276 commits to master since this release

  • Assets (Sass, JS, fonts) moved from vendor/assets to assets. bootstrap.js now contains concatenated JS.
  • Compass generator now copies JS and fonts, and provides a better default styles.sass.
  • Compass, Sprockets, and Mincer asset path helpers are now provided in pure Sass: bootstrap-compass, bootstrap-sprockets, and bootstrap-mincer.
    Asset path helpers must be imported before bootstrap, read more on this in Readme.
  • Sprockets / Mincer JS manifest has been moved to bootstrap-sprockets.js.
    It can be required without adding Bootstrap JS directory to load path, as it now uses relative paths.
  • Sprockets: depend_on_asset (glyphicons.scss) has been changed to depend_on to work around an issue with depend_on_asset.
    More information.

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