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Make use of Hugo's 0.56+ module feature.

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XhmikosR committed Jul 29, 2019
1 parent 6335fbe commit 1a9356424c40f6129c5dd761c769bd1fd222dd61
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@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@
# This is the old Jekyll docs dist folder;
# keeping it here so that when we switch branches it doesn't show up
# Hugo resources folder

@@ -26,6 +26,25 @@ layoutDir: "site/layouts"
staticDir: "site/static"
themesDir: "site/themes"

- source: dist
target: static/docs/4.3/dist
- source: content
target: content
- source: static
target: static
- source: layouts
target: layouts
- source: data
target: data
- source: assets
target: assets
- source: i18n
target: i18n
- source: archetypes
target: archetypes

description: "The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world."
authors: "Mark Otto, Jacob Thornton, and Bootstrap contributors"
@@ -20,12 +20,11 @@
"scripts": {
"start": "npm-run-all --parallel watch docs-serve",
"bundlesize": "bundlesize",
"css": "npm-run-all css-compile css-prefix css-minify css-copy",
"css-copy": "cross-env-shell shx mkdir -p site/static/docs/$npm_package_version_short/dist/ && cross-env-shell shx cp -r dist/css/ site/static/docs/$npm_package_version_short/dist/",
"css-main": "npm-run-all css-lint css-compile-main css-prefix-main css-minify-main css-copy",
"css": "npm-run-all css-compile css-prefix css-minify",
"css-main": "npm-run-all css-lint css-compile-main css-prefix-main css-minify-main",
"css-docs": "npm-run-all css-compile-docs css-prefix-docs* css-minify-docs",
"css-compile": "npm-run-all --parallel css-compile-*",
"css-compile-main": "node-sass --output-style expanded --source-map true --source-map-contents true --precision 6 scss/ -o dist/css/ && npm run css-copy",
"css-compile-main": "node-sass --output-style expanded --source-map true --source-map-contents true --precision 6 scss/ -o dist/css/",
"css-compile-docs": "cross-env-shell node-sass --output-style expanded --source-map true --source-map-contents true --precision 6 site/static/docs/$npm_package_version_short/assets/scss/docs.scss site/static/docs/$npm_package_version_short/assets/css/docs.min.css",
"css-lint": "npm-run-all --continue-on-error --parallel css-lint-*",
"css-lint-main": "stylelint \"scss/**/*.scss\" --cache --cache-location .cache/.stylelintcache",
@@ -38,11 +37,10 @@
"css-prefix-main": "postcss --config build/postcss.config.js --replace \"dist/css/*.css\" \"!dist/css/*.min.css\"",
"css-prefix-docs": "cross-env-shell postcss --config build/postcss.config.js --replace \"site/static/docs/$npm_package_version_short/assets/css/*.css\"",
"css-prefix-docs-examples": "postcss --config build/postcss.config.js --replace \"site/content/**/*.css\"",
"js": "npm-run-all js-compile js-minify js-copy",
"js-copy": "cross-env-shell shx mkdir -p site/static/docs/$npm_package_version_short/dist/ && cross-env-shell shx cp -r dist/js/ site/static/docs/$npm_package_version_short/dist/",
"js": "npm-run-all js-compile js-minify",
"js-main": "npm-run-all js-lint js-compile js-minify-main",
"js-docs": "npm-run-all js-lint-docs js-minify-docs",
"js-compile": "npm-run-all --parallel js-compile-* --sequential js-copy",
"js-compile": "npm-run-all --parallel js-compile-*",
"js-compile-standalone": "rollup --environment BUNDLE:false --config build/rollup.config.js --sourcemap",
"js-compile-standalone-esm": "rollup --environment ESM:true,BUNDLE:false --config build/rollup.config.js --sourcemap",
"js-compile-bundle": "rollup --environment BUNDLE:true --config build/rollup.config.js --sourcemap",
@@ -64,14 +62,12 @@
"lint": "npm-run-all --parallel js-lint css-lint",
"coveralls": "shx cat js/coverage/ | coveralls",
"docs": "npm-run-all css-docs js-docs docs-build docs-lint",
"predocs-build": "npm-run-all css-copy js-copy",
"docs-build": "hugo --cleanDestinationDir",
"docs-compile": "npm run docs-build",
"docs-production": "cross-env HUGO_ENV=production npm run docs-build",
"docs-linkinator": "linkinator _gh_pages --recurse --silent --skip \"^(?!http://localhost)\"",
"docs-vnu": "node build/vnu-jar.js",
"docs-lint": "npm-run-all --parallel docs-vnu docs-linkinator",
"predocs-serve": "npm-run-all css-copy js-copy",
"docs-serve": "hugo server --port 9001 --disableFastRender",
"docs-serve-only": "serve _gh_pages --listen 9001",
"update-deps": "ncu -a -x karma-browserstack-launcher && npm update && cross-env-shell echo Manually update \\\"site/static/docs/$npm_package_version_short/assets/js/vendor/\\\"",

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