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@cvrebert cvrebert authored
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  1. +1 −1  docs/css.html
2  docs/css.html
@@ -3179,7 +3179,7 @@ <h3 id="less-mixins-gradients">Gradients</h3>
{% endhighlight %}
<p>If you need a barber-stripe style gradient, that's easy, too. Just specify a single color and we'll overlay a translucent white stripe.</p>
{% highlight scss %}
-#gradient > .striped(#333; #000; 45deg);
+#gradient > .striped(#333; 45deg);
{% endhighlight %}
<p>Up the ante and use three colors instead. Set the first color, the second color, the second color's color stop (a decimal value like 0.25), and the third color with these mixins:</p>
{% highlight scss %}
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