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_custom.scss should be the first include

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1 parent cdf7320 commit e7035aee3fc04fb92af47ba07bf16b942ba71797 @desheikh desheikh committed with mdo Jan 8, 2017
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@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@
// Core variables and mixins
+@import "custom";
@import "variables";
@import "mixins";
-@import "custom";
// Reset and dependencies
@import "normalize";

4 comments on commit e7035ae


??? mdo just moved this down 14 days ago? 4482503

litka commented on e7035ae Jan 10, 2017

Even though the intent of this file appears to be overriding variables, I suspect people’s inclination will be to include other custom css properties. Placing this file at the top means you can’t override default bootstrap styles without resorting to !important and other inheritance overrides.

I would either move the file to the very bottom of the stack (after utilities) or change the file name to _custom-variables.less.

neilhem commented on e7035ae Jan 11, 2017 edited

All variables in variables.scss has !default, they will not overwrite if there was declared the same variable

henk23 commented on e7035ae Jan 12, 2017

The moving up just cost me three hours of figuring out why my custom $font-family-sans-serif did not find its way into the css... As @neilhem said: The !defaults in _variables.scss will allow you to override the default bootstrap styles.

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