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Commits on Jul 20, 2012
@mdo mdo fixes #4103: simpler fix for tfoot in .table-border 3c1a0fb
@mdo mdo nuke commented out code from last fix 1d4660b
@lookfirst lookfirst on destroy, also hide. issue #3880, pull #4104 117f65d
Commits on Jul 21, 2012
@mdo mdo tweak docs masthead links hover ee750bb
@mdo mdo move from downloads.html to customize.html to better match purpose of…
… page, fix up customize page layout to match other docs, link style refinement to jumbotrons
Commits on Jul 22, 2012
@fat fat add haunt w/ issue guideline spec 6c2fa94
@fat fat change haunt to write 77dea2c
@fat fat *face palm* 8281a90
@lookfirst lookfirst simplify things to one line. pull #4104 393f4a7
@mdo mdo fixes #4136: use @dropdownBorder var, but keep IE7-8 fallback 5b8ff70
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip e9f374f
@lookfirst lookfirst remove the ns option d76c899
@fat fat Merge pull request #4104 from lookfirst/2.1.0-wip-fix-destroy
namespace the events for popover/tooltip
@fat fat adds minLength #3960 fae6c36
@fat fat Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into…
… 2.1.0-wip
@fat fat Merge pull request #3842 from alienlebarge/2.1.0-wip
<img /> tag with `height` attr are not responsive
Commits on Jul 23, 2012
@fat fat some progress on affix plugin dcf7569
@fat fat Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into…
… 2.1.0-wip
@ixti ixti Fix transition end name for opera 11+12
Fix transition end name for Opera 11 and Opera 12.
Should fix issues: #3896, #3897, #4157, #4158
@mdo mdo fixes #4148, readme typo b05fc00
@mdo mdo more alignment fixes for customize page 5b8838a
Commits on Jul 24, 2012
@fat fat Merge pull request #4159 from ixti/opera11-transitions-fix
Fix transition end name for opera 11+12
@fat fat following #4148 5247b15
@fat fat delete this test for now - as affix is still heavily underdevelopment 614d52b
@mdo mdo make docs scroll over jumbotrons, but only for 980px up 0dda2c4
@jonathansampson jonathansampson IE10 uses 'transition' and 'transitionend'
msTransition, while supported in IE, should be ignored in favor of the
unprefixed property. Additionally, MSTransitionEnd should also be
ignored in favor of the unprefixed event transitionend.

Current unit test requires no attention in light of this change.

@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip
@fat fat Merge pull request #4166 from jonathansampson/2.1.0-wip
IE10 uses 'transition' and 'transitionend'
@mdo mdo tweak docs shadows 6245886
@mdo mdo fixes #4156: don't override border radius if stacked nav has one child cd441e0
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip 7ce048b
@fat fat slightly fix side bar 4ea7c47
@fat fat Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into…
… 2.1.0-wip

@fat fat fix scroll thinggg e38fa4b
@mdo mdo fix h3 in modal and make modal unhidden by removing important from ea…
…rlier issue
@mdo mdo modal heading line-height c37aa99
@mdo mdo fixes #4118: responsive modal gets width auto and improved positionin…
…g for narrower widths
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip 394922a
@fat fat added fade out on scroll - we can pull this if you prefer it c98b75c
@fat fat Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into…
… 2.1.0-wip
@mdo mdo fix search form, mostly in navbar 7590e65
@mdo mdo wrap footer in bs docs canvas for scrolling doodad b7b4fd5
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip fa6a131
@fat fat don't bite so hard c10a357
@mdo mdo simplify styles for bs docs nav 880bdbc
Commits on Jul 27, 2012
@mdo mdo indenting and such f75277e
@mdo mdo rerun make 4bb2a13
@mdo mdo fix js docs formatting 7906772
@mdo mdo increase height of homepage jumbotron, update vars and styles of popo…
@mdo mdo add image styles, for now to scaffolding (soon to own file) 1e9b450
@mdo mdo add basic support for sub menus in dropdown menus 9d5c431
@mdo mdo add docs for sub menu support on dropdowns, add caret via :after to s…
…ubmenu toggles
@mdo mdo add .btn-block for a full-width button option fe6a4b0
Commits on Jul 29, 2012
@mdo mdo reverse navbar styles to save code a30045d
@mdo mdo clear out docs assets, update and png crush features image 5184da3
@mdo mdo fixes #4210: indenting on hero example e56a700
@mdo mdo use shorthand on form field transitions for box-shadow mixin 134d11b
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip-navbar' into 2.1.0-wip 761429d
@mdo mdo remove gradient, border, and box-shadow from .breadcrumb to different…
…iate from nav and buttons
@mdo mdo more breadcrumb tweaks for contrast d63ebe3
@mdo mdo fixes #3694: provide override classes for .hide and .pull-right for g…
…rid columns
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
@mdo mdo fix footer in responsive 84a9c74
@mdo mdo fixes #4221: correct border-collapse property for IE7 hack cfac4bb
@mdo mdo fix examples collapse classes, rename navbar-redux to navbar and dele…
…te the old one
@mdo mdo fixes #3858: add var for responsive navbar. also add additional examp…
…les to navbar docs
@mdo mdo new fav and touch icons to match new masthead 6bf661a
@conzett conzett Add 'dist' directory to .gitignore
Allows you to keep a 'dist' directory in the repository as a target build location.
This can be useful if you have bootstrap as a submodule in a project and want to build it,
but still keep it self-contained. Similar to how jQuery does their default builds:
@mdo mdo fix navbar form alignment, and update examples to show these cases 7fa99fb
@mdo mdo update button styles to use updated 14px base font size, align carets…
… to others with no opacity changes
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4229 from conzett/master
Add 'dist' directory to .gitignore
@mdo mdo fixes #3900: nudge badges in buttons up 1px a9bf1e6
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip be8d524
@mdo mdo fixes #3665: ensure inputs in a fluid row maintain grid sizing 364dbb7
@mdo mdo fix download page links 0e62011
@mdo mdo remove position from labels/badges in mini btns 59eba9a
Commits on Jul 31, 2012
@mdo mdo fixes #3615: remove last-child hack for IE7 since IE7 doesn't support…
… :last-child
@mdo mdo place chevrons first in sidenav in docs, fix ie7 bugs for said sidenav 9795e9b
@mdo mdo reorder docs css e191964
@mdo mdo copy edits to docs 31b30ab
@shama shama Use ref instead of label when checking branches in issue-guidelines 1f70dd7
Commits on Aug 01, 2012
@fat fat Merge pull request #4241 from shama/issue-guidelines
Use ref instead of label when checking branches in issue-guidelines
@mdo mdo fixes #4253: hover on responsive navbar 060e216
@mdo mdo increase margin on checkboxes and radios to center properly fab1a80
@mdo mdo pulsing download button on homepage 5637c6f
@mdo mdo increase horizontal padding on inputs given new font-size 735001c
@mdo mdo fix jank button on docs homepage e8fd7e6
@mdo mdo add compability note to image styles 7aaf141
Commits on Aug 02, 2012
@mdo mdo darken default button borders b979cd9
@mdo mdo add components section to docs for isolated examples fbc0536
@mdo mdo add popover and tooltip components fe93b92
@mdo mdo remove the canvas slider doodad c2e899f
@mdo mdo increase padding on navbar responsive nav links, fix footer margins 7232305
@mdo mdo add test for textarea at .span12, really fix docs footer 3c742fc
@mdo mdo fixes #4254: make .span12 expand full width of a parent when responsive 1bb7c0e
@mdo mdo label new css test 225d0e0
Dirk Ginader close #3531 added focus handling and removed the badly announced "tim…
…es" close button from screenreaders
@fat fat Merge pull request #4257 from ginader/modal-accessibility
close #3531 added focus handling and removed the badly announced "times"...
@fat fat aria-labelledby="myModalLabel" aria-hidden="true" 48546c2
@mdo mdo decrease box-shadow 86a577d
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip 4a84145
@mdo mdo add select element responsive CSS test fc7ecd7
@mdo mdo add test for #4236: button group, one button with text and one with i…
…con, now line up properly
@mdo mdo fixes #4207: redeclare box-shadow on .formFieldState() mixin so trans…
…itions work in WebKit
@mdo mdo cut down on selectors on .formFieldState() mixin to origin input catc…
@mdo mdo decrease docs nav padding 33c6ab9
@fat fat fix indexof on array for ie8 2b2b330
@fat fat Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into …
Commits on Aug 03, 2012
@Marmelatze Marmelatze Fixes vertical-three-colors in Firefox fa38ab5
Commits on Aug 05, 2012
@coliff coliff Update docs/templates/pages/javascript.mustache
Amended all mentions of 'Javascript' and 'javascript' in the body text to the correct 'JavaScript'.
@mdo mdo fixes #4277: typo f61dd72
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip 3823d29
Commits on Aug 06, 2012
@rilian rilian optimizing images on 2.1.0-wip branch; saving couple of KBs from package 80a645b
Commits on Aug 08, 2012
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4289 from coliff/patch-4
Update docs/templates/pages/javascript.mustache
@mdo mdo run make after merging #4289 0cb3ba6
@mdo mdo fixes #4295: add vars for pagination 8ed77c4
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4300 from rilian/2.1.0-wip
optimizing images on 2.1.0-wip branch; saving couple of KBs from package
@mdo mdo fixes #4304: more specific selectors on table border classes to overr…
…ide .table-striped
@mdo mdo speed up animation and brightness on docs download 03eee23
@mdo mdo make twitter bird white in illustration on homepage to abide by brand…
… guidelines
@mdo mdo fix chevron on js docs and run make after table changes 3c89f7b
@mdo mdo reorg vars fields on customize page to ensure they are all in three c…
…olumns for time being
@mdo mdo add some simple styles for showing white icons on hover where appropr…
Commits on Aug 09, 2012
@mdo mdo fix gh buttons e06c257
@mdo mdo hotfix: github buttons urls 5df1e2c
Commits on Aug 13, 2012
@mdo mdo running make on previous changes 9f8ce77
@benjaminoakes benjaminoakes Fix wording (presumed typo) e31f06b
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4367 from benjaminoakes/2.1.0-wip
Fix wording of "Button dropdowns" docs
Commits on Aug 14, 2012
@hho hho Fixed a typo in inverse navbar code sample a74457a
@kylase kylase Changed placeholders value of @baseFontSize and @baseLineHeight to th…
…e values specified in variables.less
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4372 from hho/patch-2
Fixed a typo in inverse navbar code sample
@mdo mdo fixes #4373: broken examples link on homepage 41f4c60
@mdo mdo merge 0040a78
@kylase kylase Amend placeholders values d684607
@mdo mdo fixes #4342: navbar vars not in use, render navbar dividers 97a23ef
@mdo mdo fixes #4265: restore chromium select fix 4bf93a2
@andriijas andriijas now with 13 custom jquery plugins 2df0a0f
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4376 from kylase/2.1.0-wip
Changed placeholders values
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4384 from andriijas/2.1.0-wip-js-typo-fix
now with 13 custom jquery plugins
@Nivl Nivl Fix .thumbnail line-height f6ac297
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4393 from Nivl/2.1.0-wip
Fix .thumbnail line-height
@mdo mdo fixes #4395: scope dropdown menu caret in navbar to first level dropd…
…own only
@mdo mdo fixes #4396: pull right dropdown menus no longer overlaid by submenus 0b0d7f1
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip 662ffac
@mdo mdo fixes #4371: scope hovers on table rows to tbody dbcd873
@mdo mdo remove borders entirely from fixed navbars 50df524
@mdo mdo fixes #4358: make select elements 30px tall to match inputs 5144c77
@mdo mdo fix width of star github btn in docs a80dafb
@mikaelkael mikaelkael Center text in navbar with change to @baseLineHeight (18 -> 20px) 41093a3
@mdo mdo add animation to docs download btn for firefox b14d946
@mdo mdo fixes #3674: checkbox vertical alignment in IE9 780636d
@mdo mdo remove bottom margin on radios and checkboxes f933a41
@mdo mdo compensate for ie7 button padding with no borders, fix indentation f3479a3
@mdo mdo navbar and dropdown fixes, for alignments and for ie7/8 dropdown hidd…
…en bugs from #3946
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'fix/center-text-navbar' of…
…l/bootstrap into mikaelkael-fix/center-text-navbar
@mdo mdo running make on prev merge 2ee0354
Commits on Aug 15, 2012
@mdo mdo add affix plugin to downloads page e1659b2
@fat fat get affix actually working and update docs dee5746
@fat fat Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into…
… 2.1.0-wip
@fat fat stray ; ff38c14
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4274 from Marmelatze/three-color-gradient
Force percentage value on .vertical-three-colors() gradient mixin.
@mikaelkael mikaelkael Add affix.js to javascript compilation 6a15213
@tobz tobz Updated margin adjustments of button-based icon overrides. 6bfa58e
@tobz tobz Added default top margin of 1px for icons. ddefdbf
@tobz tobz Removed pixel designation from a zeroed-out property. 27e9214
@tobz tobz Fixed spelling error in forms documentation. 48f5626
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4406 from mikaelkael/fix/add-affix-to-compilation
Add affix.js to javascript compilation
@mdo mdo add transition to thumbnails ada5589
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip fd509cb
@mdo mdo tweak transition 54c645e
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
@natansh natansh Fixes typo for issue #4413. bb61175
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
@mdo mdo fixes #4416 in a different way: scope active state of navbar links to…
… just the immediate navbar link, not dropdown elements
@mdo mdo Merge pull request #4419 from natansh/2.1.0-wip
Fix typo to make dropdown active link show icon-white
@mdo mdo run make on previous commit's merge 51b43ac
@mdo mdo change css version # 79e05d0
@mdo mdo fixes #4417: proper height on thumbnail placeholder image b8715dd
@mdo mdo additional navbar contrast: add inset shadow since we nuked the border b86e1fb
@mdo mdo fixes #4421: add static top navbar class 077577c
@mdo mdo fixes #4428: specifity on .search-query increased 9e6322d
@mdo mdo fixes #4438: button groups in inline forms now render inline 2b22c0c
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into to…
@mdo mdo fix up padding on small buttons, add button examples 5b947b8
@mdo mdo fixes #4260 and #4322: set vertical-align to top on input-prepend com…
…ponents to solve modal rounding issues
@mdo mdo nuke subnav styles from responsive navbar 1ae1945
Commits on Aug 18, 2012
@smerik smerik Add <caption> to Supported table markup example 05571db
@smerik smerik Change .help-block tag for "Forms => Default styles" example into <span> 0c24f51
@smerik smerik Make Forms => Default styles code snippet the same as example 7f5aa17
@smerik smerik Make Forms => Textarea code snippet the same as example c8b8d91
@smerik smerik Add multiple="multiple" to Forms => Selects as described in explanation 25f8ef3
@smerik smerik Fix typo a8b18b6
@smerik smerik Make Extending form ... => Search form code snippet the same as example 663fd4f
@smerik smerik Make Relative sizing code snippet the same as example 01dadc0
@smerik smerik Add missing placeholders and <select> in Grid sizing code snippet f37d4b0
@smerik smerik Add span5 from example into multiple grid inputs code snippet 263ed4e
@smerik smerik Add <input> into Help text code snippet as shown in example f4f6783
@smerik smerik Move code within <pre> tags as close to the left for Input focus a3c474c
@smerik smerik Improve doc for Button sizes 41253fb
@smerik smerik Improve doc for block level buttons 7b7a025
@smerik smerik Use one line per tag in code snippet for One class, multiple tags 04a20fb
@smerik smerik Fix typo in One class, multiple tags section 2ab0c8d
@smerik smerik Move code within <pre> tags as close to the left for Images section f1854a3
@smerik smerik Fix Heads up! part for Images section d8eb75d
@smerik smerik Improve description for Images section 97247a1
@smerik smerik Separate Buttons examples in Icon examples section and add code snippets d71efb8
@smerik smerik Add code snippet to Icon examples => Navigation section 8b76328
@smerik smerik Add code snippet to Icon examples => Form fields section 2327d30
@smerik smerik Replace Note: by Heads up! 3f12c74
@smerik smerik Move code within code snippet as close to the left for Basic block b7233a4
@smerik smerik Fix empty for attribute on labels in Horizontal form ae275dc
@smerik smerik Remove inexisting end tag </hr> dda951d
@mdo mdo fixes #4445: .btn-link shouldn't have a pressed button-like state at …
…all, so nuking everything on :active as well
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into …
@mdo mdo modifications to new content 9ae137a
@mdo mdo fixes #4444: clarify docs copy that new icon white style is intention…
…al on active and hover links in .nav and .dropdown-menu
@mdo mdo fixes #4442: allow for .btn within a .btn-toolbar without .btn-group e6e0e2a
Commits on Aug 19, 2012
@mdo mdo fixes #4044: make z-index of tooltips same as fixed navbar so they ov…
…erlay it if generated from within
@fat fat removed some old stuff from application.js 1166b39
@fat fat add note about .nav 937cfa6
@fat fat fix component 44e35e9
@fat fat add click option for tooltip, popover - make click default for popover 45dddc5
@fat fat listen to touchstart for dropdowns on mobile c9cef74
@krnlde krnlde Fix for thumbnails in responsive design 1e190d8
@mdo mdo fixes #4451 manually: add .fade to modal example in both mustache and…
… html
@mdo mdo Merge branch '2.1.0-wip' of into 2.1.0-wip 8e271d6
@mdo mdo font-size change on examples in getting started 7ed82c1
@mdo mdo compy edits to docs bb85bbc
@mdo mdo copy edits to base css page 47cf3cc
@mdo mdo fixes #4455: improve small styles and add to docs 887f11d
Commits on Aug 20, 2012
@mdo mdo fixes #4458: improve support for .btn + .btn in .btn-groups and .btn-…
@mdo mdo fixes #4462: mixins instead of vanilla css 94ba211
@mdo mdo fixes #4460 and #4461: copy change for opera animations support e71e2b4
@mdo mdo copy change for previous commit e4d4ef4
@mdo mdo fix static navbar container issues, clean up docs presentation by unf…
…ixing the top navbar in favor of static one, start adding table of contents for longer sections of docs
@mdo mdo pre font-size increase; revert static top navbar, undo contents secti…
…on for now
@mdo mdo updated package and readme a12c19b
@mdo mdo bump versions to 2.1.0 e510306
@jpommerening jpommerening stack mutliple progress bars a1951ed
@mdo mdo fixes #4469 manually: reset width on file inputs 73cf9c4
@mdo mdo reorder jumbotron links afaee0c
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'progress-multi-2.1.0-wip' of…
…ening/bootstrap into jpommerening-progress-multi-2.1.0-wip
@mdo mdo bump up height of progress bars, give some extra depth with stacking …
…bars, and then make the stacked bars actually work
@mdo mdo remove relative and top positioning from docs sidenav at narrow layout e596428
@mdo mdo Merge branch 'patch-1' of into kr…
@mdo mdo run make and add comment 78cb09b
@mdo mdo fix ie7 dropdowns examples in docs 6cf3752
@mdo mdo fix vertical button-groups in ie7 58dd1f2
@mdo mdo ie7 button group and button toggle padding changes 01572f0
@mdo mdo fixes #4178: translate3d instead of translate aa2cec6
@fat fat fMerge branch '2.1.0-wip'
@fat fat small nits 2b5e090
@fat fat fix afffix 9e0d87a