[Feature] Make Dropdown works with Hover #1029

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Make a easy way to change Dropdown to work with hover instead of Click. something like $('.dropdown-toggle').dropdown('hover').

I'm using this instead of dropdown.js:

$('.navbar li.dropdown').hover(
$('.navbar li.dropdown li').unbind('mouseover').unbind('mouseout');

You may find jQuerys hover toggle shortcut has a few edge case issues as it uses the mouseenter event which will not be triggered if the mouse enters from outside the document window - such as if the menu is positioned against the top of the browser and the user moves their mouse from the URL bar - nothing will happen. This can be solved by using the mouseover event.

Hover also has the disadvantage of not being accessible on touch screen devices which has quite an inelegant workaround http://jsfiddle.net/i_like_robots/6JbtX/embedded/result/

mdo commented Jan 16, 2012

We purposely avoid using :hover for menus. Hover should tell users that something is clickable, not trigger an event that the user likely didn't want in the first place. It's the same reason we removed hovercards from Twitter.com many months ago.

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There are many CSS and js hacks out there for this functionality, but all of them is breaking something.
I am against using hover, but if someone really needs that, then do it properly. I made a plugin which is using only the Bootstrap javascript API without any hack, so it works on all devices, without braking the usability:

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