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2.0-wip: "border-radius: 0 \0/" breaks Sass and Rails asset compilation #1394

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As the title says, SHA: b77161f includes a \0/ which causes Sass to raise an exception when processing bootstrap.css. Although I'm not using Sass directly with bootstrap, just including it in the vendor/assets/stylesheets dir of a Rails app runs it through the asset pipeline and eventually generates this error. Is there a different way to reset the border for IE9?


Instead of resorting to CSS hacks, why not namespace the IE-specific CSS and promote the usage of IE conditional comments on the <html> tag like HTML5 Boilerplate does? This seems like the most correct way to do things.

Then you can do:

.ie9 {
  input[type="image"], input[type="checkbox"], input[type="radio"] {
    border-radius: 0;

Either way, it's a hack. Using classes on the body or html tags is inefficient and can trigger sloppy performance of the CSS. We won't be going that route.

This sounds more like a problem for Rails and not Bootstrap specifically—they should allow for escaping of such characters.

@mdo mdo closed this

It's an issue specifically with SASS. I'll file a bug report on that project. Thanks.


I'm back :) I did a little bit of research and here's what's happening. Sass supports computed properties such as border-radius: 100px / 5px; so your trailing / was causing the parser to look for another non-; token. According to this blog post, you can put some text after the / and it still works.

The fix for this issue is to change border-radius: 0 \0/; to border-radius: 0 \0/IE8+9;

I tested it in Safari, Firefox and IE9 and it works.


1 day late with this issue, thanks GMFlash for providing a solution.


I was also experiencing this problem, and I think this is a nicer solution:

border-radius: 0 e("\0/");

The goal of the commit which added this style is to reset the border-radius to 0 only for IE8/9.

border-radius: 0 e("\0/"); doesn't get picked up by IE.

The working solution is still: border-radius: 0 \0/IE8+9;

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