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Didn't do one of this for the second alpha (which kinda sucked). Trying again this time with the highlight-worthy changes as we go.

Summary of changes

  • Updated grid system with new mixins and predefined classes.
  • Overhauled form controls, documentation, and more to fix bugs, reduce code bloat, improve layout options, improve validation styles, and more.
  • New native font stack to replace the Helvetica-Arial one for improved text rendering across all operating systems and devices.
  • More selector improvements that reduce HTML requirements by better utilizing classes.
  • Added dozens of new variables for improved customization (more still to come).
  • Updated lots of documentation to better explain components and more.
  • Massive improvements to flexbox support throughout the project, most notably on the grid.
  • Renamed .label to .tag to disambiguate our custom component from the HTML element.


  • #17194: Ensure height of select.form-control matches textual inputs.
  • #17222: Replace base64 PNGs for form validation icons and custom form controls with smaller, slightly customizable inline SVGs.
  • #17498, #18130: Removed horizontal padding on .form-control-label so it avoids overriding grid-based form layouts and renders correctly in stacked forms.
  • #17756: Fix flexbox column wrapping in Firefox and IE10+ by adding a max-width that equals the column width.
  • #18398, #18921: Add new _custom.scss file to the import stack for easier variable overrides.
  • #18390: Renamed .radio and .checkbox to .form-check, and .radio-inline and .checkbox-inline to .form-check-inline.
  • #18488: Turn .text-muted into a full utility class with hover styles.
  • #18500: Allow multiple instances of .input-group-addon per input group.
  • #18515: Added .form-control-{sm/lg} classes to match small and large input classes, namely for vertical alignment of label and input in horizontal form groups.
  • #18573: Renamed .form-control-label to .col-form-label for it's more contextual use case as a horizontal grid layout option.
  • #18695: Condition-alize the container classes around the $enable-grid-classes boolean option (joins the existing conditional .col-* classes).
  • #18702: Updated form validation docs to include basic examples for situations in which you'd want to use each state.
  • #18703: Dropped .text-help for .form-control-feedback, designed specifically to only display temporary form validation feedback text in addition to normal help text.
  • #18771: Rewrote custom form components (new classes, less nesting, disabled checkboxes and radios) along with some docs tweaks.
  • #18772: Renamed .btn-*-outline classes to .btn-outline-* to make it easier to style with attribute selectors.
  • #18774: Rename .card-*-outline classes to .card-outline-*.
  • #18782: Dropped the .pager component since it's essentially a lightly customized version of v4's new outline buttons.
  • #18783: Revamp a ton of nav variables for easier customization and tweak some nav docs.
  • #18789: Prevent breadcrumb separator from getting underlined on hover when not using <ol> markup in IE9-11 with a funky little CSS hack.
  • #18807: Overhaul dropdown docs and improve split button dropdowns with some fresh styles.
  • #18814: Added Liberation Mono to the monospace font stack for the sake of Linux users.
  • #18823: Add $btn-active-box-shadow variable for improved customization of button states.
  • #18848: Only round progress bar borders when $enable-rounded is true.
  • #18925: Added :lang()-based support for translating the text in the custom file input widget.
  • #18927: Apply word-wrap:break-word to tooltips and popovers.
  • #19000: Remove print-specific max-width:100%; on images so that Google Maps etc. print correctly.
  • #19064: Overhaul tables docs and use rgba() colors for inverse tables.
  • #19098: Brand new "native font stack" that prioritizes the well-designed display fonts from each major OS and device over traditional web fonts.
  • #19099, #20349, and #20361: Overhauled grid system to add docs for flexbox, add flexbox utility classes, improve flexbox responsive behavior, streamline mixins, and more.
  • #19102, a0a157d: Drop .center-block for .m-x-auto.
  • #19103: Revamp the {a,button}.list-group-item selector with a new class, .list-group-item-action. Includes revised docs and more code comments.
  • #19105: Update modals to use max-width within their media queries to prevent horizontal scrollbars.
  • #19106: Added $enable-print-styles variable to control whether default styles for @media print are included.
  • #19109: Integrated postcss-flexbugs-fixes into the build to workaround Flexbug #4 which affects IE10-11.
  • #19121: Refactored button and input padding and line-height for improved stability after changing root font-size.
  • #19136: Change from hex border colors on .form-control to rgba() with background-clip: padding-box so we have borders that blend in with their background elements.
  • #19139: Add support for validation states on custom forms.
  • #19157: Rename .label class to .tag to disambiguate between a custom component and <label>s.
  • 955e040: Added support for tab and pill navigations in card headers.
  • #19234: Add .w-100 as width: 100% utility class
  • #19236: Extract $carousel-icon-width variable
  • #19252: Add $card-img-overlay-padding variable
  • #19277: new .form-control-legend class
  • #19370: Add $input-bg-focus and $input-color-focus variables
  • #19411: Neutralize link styles for placeholder links/named anchors
  • 1b35105: Add display utility classes
  • #19563: Add variable for background-color of .bg-inverse utility class
  • #19667: Use border-radius mixins and add $nav-tabs-border-radius variable
  • #19714: Suppress IE/Edge additional white/blue colors for focused <select>
  • #19735: Add disabled styling for .custom-select
  • #19771: Fixed form control sizing not applying to <select>s.
  • #19862: Update Normalize to v4.0.0
  • #19874: Make named anchor/placeholder link style reset more specific by targeting <a>s without an href and tabindex.
  • #19885: Several card improvements for spacing, contextual variants, bug fixes, and more.
  • #19889: Updated popovers to include a variable for the inner padding and restore CSS-powered hiding of empty popover titles with .popover-title:empty.
  • #20083: Add media rules to stack nav items in navbar-toggleable-*s.


  • #19894 Update jQuery to v2.2.4


  • #19222 Focus (visually hidden) input radio/checkbox
  • #19255 add/unify advice on contextual colors and accessibility
  • #19705 Add aria-label and callout about labelling pagination components
  • #19879 Handle aria-hidden on modal container when showing/hiding


  • Miscellaneous accessibility fixes.
  • #17089: Improve responsive test examples.
  • #17248, #17266, #19277: Update docs to use <div>s over <fieldset>s in form groups as fieldsets are more appropriate for groups of multiple inputs.
  • #18492: Add .h1 – .h6 example to docs
  • #18545: Combined the "Dropdowns" and "Button dropdown" docs pages into one
  • #18704: Updates form validation docs to include examples of validation feedback text alongside always-present form field help text.
  • #18705: Improve Migration Doc for .help-block and .form-group
  • #18768: Add migration guidance for Dropdowns
  • #19277: better use of fieldset/legend for grouped controls
  • #19408: Introduction for using table-reflow
  • #19439: Include reasoning & suggested replacements for dropped widgets in migration docs
  • #19459: Explicitly state the ordering of cards in card columns in the docs
  • #19476: Added explicit commentary to .card-* classes
  • #19567: Call out removal of @screen-* variables in v4
  • #19710: Update 300ms click delay docs to reflect iOS 9.3 improvements
  • #19789: Suggest alternative approaches for .hidden and .show in migration docs
  • #19863: Add docs for inverse table "variants" using existing utilities
  • #19892: Remove reference to loaded.bs.modal event
  • #20372: Enable flexbox CSS on flexbox grid page with custom override file for hosted docs


  • #18741: Fix justified nav example by updating it to the new nav classes (note: it still exhibits the same bug on window resize as documented in v3).


  • #19427: Add jQuery and Tether to npm dependencies
  • Fixed NuGet integration
  • #19706: Add GitHub issue template
  • #20141: Require Node.js >= v4 in engines in package.json
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