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  • Breakpoint specific grid gutters are here!
  • Update the grid system so containers use width alongside a max-width: 100% for more durable layouts, fix the sm breakpoint and container dimension mismatch, and change the lg breakpoint width from 940px to 960px.
  • Update utilities across the board, simplifying the margin and padding syntax (e.g., now mx-auto instead of m-x-auto), separating background and color utilities for more explicit styling, renamed .img-rounded and .img-circle to .rounded and .rounded-circle, and removed display: block from .img-fluid.
  • Added new vertical alignment utilities.
  • Updated development dependencies, so be sure to update to the latest Bundler and npm versions with gem install bundler, bundle update, and npm install.
  • More customizable custom form controls with embedded SVGs and Sass variables.
  • Brand new navbar toggler control featuring an SVG background-image.
  • Fixed bug in our flexbox grid where columns didn't properly collapse at lower breakpoints.
  • Removed momentum scrolling on modals for now due to an iOS 9-10 bug.
  • Dozens of documentation updates and bug fixes.


  • #17194, #20874: Ensure selects and inputs match their heights with .form-control.
  • #17481: Add breakpoint-specific gutters to grid system.
  • #18020: Improved custom checkbox and radio alignment.
  • #18726, #19048: Add a margin-bottom: 0; to .card-header for use with headings.
  • #19784, #20701: Improve units in dropdown components and remove margin-bottom from .dropdown-header.
  • #19842 , #19847: Add .text-gray-dark utility class.
  • #19926: Add .h-100 utility.
  • #20118, #20700: Allow customization of custom form control background-image SVGs.
  • #20234, #20329: Update navbar toggler to include a background SVG image for leaner markup and decently flexible styling.
  • #20298, #20784: Remove margin-bottom on <label>-based buttons in button groups.
  • #20395, #20873: Fix double border on items in flush list groups.
  • #20428: Update to Normalize.css 4.2.0 to fix overflow problem on selects (#20384 and #20779).
  • #20435, #20436: Add a couple !default flags to form CSS and update .form-control:focus to use proper box-shadow mixin.
  • #20566, #20768: Restore collapse styles for table rows and table bodies.
  • #20560, #20667: Update card images to use .img-fluid when appropriate, and fix rounded corner blemishes by using some calc() magic.
  • #20654: Restore the display: inline-block on cards in columns to prevent cards from breaking across columns.
  • #20684: Update ton of utilities for more explicit styling and better naming.
  • #20733, #20869: Fix static form control sizing.
  • #20752, #20868: Fix input groups width in inline forms.
  • #20799, #20826: Apply same styling of disabled checks to disabled inline checks.
  • #20803: Remove -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; due to an iOS Safari bug.
  • #20810, #20874: Ensure the height of custom selects is maintained in IE/Edge.
  • #20821: Update print styles borrowed from h5bp (fixes crash in IE11)
  • #20829: Fix flexbox grid collapsing on lower breakpoints.
  • #20865: Various grid updates to make containers use width and max-width, change lg breakpoint from 940px to 960px (cleanly divisible by 12), and fix mismatched sm breakpoint and container dimensions.
  • #20866, #20932: Add vertical-alignment utilities.
  • #20872: Updates to the form validation CSS and docs to show proper label styling, fix broken success icon, and implement a proper :focus state.
  • #20933: Two variables now control the alert padding.


  • #17238: Tooltip and popover arrows are now generated via CSS.
  • #17555, #17568: Fix issue where collapse plugin would leave an inline style of height: 0 after finishing the collapse animation.
  • #17611, #17614: Change destroy to dispose for tooltip in _JQueryInterface.


  • #16941, #19920: Document ability to add custom HTML in tooltips.
  • #17159: Update collapse accordion example to use card component.
  • #18437, #20825: Add social meta tags to the docs (e.g., for Twitter cards).
  • #19287: Fix rendering of Examples overview page in the docs.
  • #19409: Document modal focus option.
  • #19466, #20697: Document the flexbox order utility classes.
  • #19796, #20696: Update tooltip placement docs to remove mention of auto as it's no longer supported.
  • #20214, #20247, #20695: Don't override border-radius on radio inputs.
  • #20497, #20699: Document that all table styles are inherited.
  • #20550, #20871: Document .bg-faded.
  • #20557: Update tons of links to https and fix other broken links.
  • #20600, #20870: Fix laggy collapse animations by ensuring .collapse elements have no padding on them.
  • #20655: Update Reboot's font stack docs to match our CSS.
  • #20646: Update font-size docs for our headings.
  • #20678: Split out the Utilities docs from Components section and give each set of utilities their own page.
  • #20688, #20864: Docs typo for grid dimensions.
  • #20692, #20694: Fix integrity attributes on CDN assets.
  • #20800, #20816: Remove the $ from the bash commands in docs.
  • #20878: Update downloads page to include compiled, source, and CDN options.

Build tools

  • #20446: Updated Hound and linting warnings.
  • #20555: Upgrade devDependencies across the board.
  • #20915: Change SauceLabs iPhone test to use Appium so builds pass again.


  • #18292, #20682: Provide compiled flex, grid, and Reboot dist stylesheets.
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