Turn on Common Ligatures and Kerning #21623

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Feature request to turn on Common Ligatures and Kerning where open type fonts support the feature. This article describes both features in more detail.

body {
    font-kerning: normal;
    font-variant-ligatures: common-ligatures;

Am willing to submit a PR if suggestion is welcomed.


Browsers already do a fairly good job of this. The defaults for these two properties are:

  • font-kerning: auto; which defers to the browser regarding whether to use kerning. When the font size is small, font kerning may look strange and browsers will disable it.
  • font-variant-ligatures: normal; which activates common-ligatures and contextual already.

@bardiharborow Very intersting. A lot of blog posts will lead you to believe the opposite. Is that true of all browsers or just Firefox as indicated by your links?

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