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v4.1 ship list #25375

mdo opened this issue Jan 19, 2018 · 0 comments

v4.1 ship list #25375

mdo opened this issue Jan 19, 2018 · 0 comments


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@mdo mdo commented Jan 19, 2018


  • Added new custom range form control.
  • Added new .carousel-fade modifier to switch carousel from slides to crossfade.
  • Added new .dropdown-item-text for plaintext dropdown items.
  • Added new .flex-fill, .flex-grow-*, and .flex-shrink-* utilities.
  • Added new .table-borderless variant for tables.
  • Added new .text-monospace utility.
  • Added new .text-body (default body color), .text-black-50 (50% opacity black), and .text-white-50 (50% opacity white) utilities.
  • Added new .shadow-* utilities for quickly adding box-shadows.
  • Added ability to disable Popper's positioning in dropdowns.
  • Heads up: updated Theming docs to confirm you cannot use CSS variables in media queries.
  • Split issue template into separate feature request and bug report templates, also adding a new GitHub support doc for coverage.
  • Fixed longstanding issue with Chrome rendering CSS columns incorrectly for cards.
  • Deprecate .text-hide—you'll see a warning during compilation.
  • Fixed up Dashboard and Offcanvas examples.
  • Breadcrumbs can now use non-string values as dividers.


  • #22799: Add .table-borderless option.
  • #22958: Add carousel fade option.
  • #22965: Add .dropdown-item-text to allow plaintext items in dropdown menu lists.
  • #24249: Add new responsive utilities, .w-auto and .h-auto.
  • #25197: Update .sr-only mixin and utility to remove clip-path that caused performance degradation. Matches changes to upstream H5BP.
  • #25248: Prevent word-wrap in progress bars.
  • #25333: Add ability to change .table-striped from odd or even via Sass variable.
  • #25356: Fix rounded corners on custom file in input group.
  • #25385: Add .flex-fill utility class. This was previously in our source code, and is mentioned in our navs docs, but was mistakenly dropped at some point.
  • #25386: Use variables for white and black in theme-color-level function.
  • #25400: Add basic position to dropup/right/left and dropdown-menu-right.
  • #25414: Override .custom-select's width in .form-inline.
  • #25503: Replace Unicode character in _hover.scss.
  • #25532: Fix pagination buttons hover z-index.
  • #25561: Create a variable for label margin bottom.
  • #25564: Use $input-bg for $custom-select-bg.
  • #25600: Add custom range input.
  • #25641: Make use of prefers-reduced-motion media query.
  • #25645: Disable link functionality on disabled btn-link.
  • #25657: Add variable, $table-caption-color, for table caption element.
  • #25672: Replace "loose" HEX values with their respective variables.
  • #25691: Add variable to handle the change of a modal border-radius.
  • #25736: Fix incorrect class .custom-file-control to .custom-file-label.
  • #25758: Add box-shadow utilities.
  • #25806: Collapse with flex elements.
  • #25807: Allow customization of breadcrumb border radius.
  • #25848: Removed commented out and useless navbar-align mixin.
  • #26172: Add .text-monospace utility.
  • #26168: Add new .flex-grow-* and .flex-shrink-* utilities.
  • #26169: Fix Chrome's rendering of .card-columns.
  • #26170: Additional text color utilities.
  • #26173: Deprecate .text-hide with @warn notice.
  • #25581: Allow non-string content as breadcrumb divider.


  • #24092: Allow to disable Popper.js style for dropdowns.
  • #25218: Fix carousel transition duration.
  • #25219: Update dropdown to allow referenceElement.
  • #25398: Update jQuery to v3.3.1.
  • #25662, #25834: Variable transition durations
  • #25670: Remove unused variable.
  • #25671: Consistent usage of $(document.body) instead of $('body').
  • #25896: Use transitionEnd in QUnit since we moved away from PhantomJS
  • #25403: Dropdown - Skip element disabled via attribute when using keyboard navigation


  • #25320: use callout without custom Jekyll plugin.
  • #25334: use bugify without custom Jekyll plugin.
  • #25357: Remove mention of disabled buttons support for Opera 18.
  • #25376: Remove -Pre from NuGet install in README.
  • #25390: Remove escaping selector and add a warning to inform folks to escape their selectors.
  • #25416: Fix example Blog post card text overflowing for medium screen size.
  • #25451: Add Font Awesome to icon list.
  • #25518: Fix "CVV" label pointing to wrong field.
  • #25520: Clarify stacked-to-horizontal in layout/
  • #25539: Clarify migration docs to remove mention of .table-responsive.
  • #25565: Set color to $body-text on .form-control-plaintext.
  • #25589: Update theming docs for more clearly how to remove from map.
  • #25628: Clarify suggested use of custom validation styles, add note about resetting form appearance after validation.
  • #25653: Replace .img-fluid by .w-100 in Carousel docs to match example.
  • #25665: Fix examples' issues #25664 and #25388.
  • #25669: Clarify blockquote styles and removal of .blockquote-reverse in migration docs.
  • #25690: Clarify the necessary data-target/href attribute for carousel controls.
  • #25702: Add focus states to custom docs buttons.
  • #25703: Update Theming docs to remove mention of CSS variables in media queries, which isn't possible.
  • #25719: Fix caret alignment.
  • #25746: Clarify badges and labels in migration docs.
  • #25751: re-use gray for bd-example border / background.
  • #25784: Remove custom example plugin.
  • #25839: Document .form-control-range.
  • #25852: Update vertical pills example.
  • #25954: Switch to StackPath's URL for the CDN.
  • #25965: Add .bg-transparent to docs
  • #26167: Mention browserslist config in our docs.
  • #26171: Clarify use of justify-content-between in navbar docs.
  • #26179: Dashboard example updates for sidebar and navbar.
  • #26180: Updated Offcanvas example for improved IE support.

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