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#grid > .core is undefined #2620

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lessc bootstrap.less

NameError: #grid > .core is undefined in /home/davidycx/下载/twitter-bootstrap-59503e7/less/bootstrap.less:2:13
1 /*!
2 * Bootstrap v2.0.2
3 *


Have you upgraded LESS to v1.3?

Bootstrap member

Yep - you need to upgrade to less 1.3 - thanks!

@fat fat closed this

I'm still getting this error when trying to compile to CSS from the command line.
bootstrap: 2.3.0
lessc: 1.3.0 (LESS Compiler) [JavaScript]
os: ubuntu 12.04.

When I try to run it with less.js then it seems to find a problem with #grid:

Syntax Error on line 578, in mixins.less on line 578, column 12:

577 .spanX (@index) when (@index > 0) {
578 .span@{index} { .span(@index); }
579 .spanX(@index - 1);

any pointers appreciated. Thank you.

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@alphydan: See the issue cross-reference immediately above your comment. You need less.js v1.3.3.


thank you @cvrebert for the quick reply. That works for development to render .less files on the fly, but not to minify to CSS files with lessc. After searching unbutu forums, I've tried

$ node less.js bootstrap.less

but that gives its own set of errors,

ine=="function"&&define.amd&&define("less",[],function(){return r})})(window);
ReferenceError: window is not defined
Is lessc 1.3.0 not supported?

Thank you.

Edit: To get lessc 1.3.3 to work on Ubuntu (12.04) I've had to

$ sudo apt-get remove node-less
$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs npm
$ sudo npm install -g less

(and had to change uglifyjs to yui-compressor)

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