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Export & Import Your Settings at #3899

AtlantaWebDesignGA opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Would be incredible if on the customize/download page a user can export the custom settings you made (probably as XML file) and when you return another day import that file to restore your settings to the Twitter customization form, so you can tweak your customization without having to remember how to rekey all your original settings (which of course is very hard to do.)

Seems I'm back time and again tweaking a customization until I finally get it looking right.


#1487 will provide you with a URL you can use to redownload Bootstrap with all your customizations. I can take a look at this one too to provide a URL that restores your custom options. Also I wouldn't ever use XML as a config file option - perhaps JSON, but storing it in the URL makes the most sense to me.

@ljharb ljharb was assigned

Closing this out as a dupe of #1487. We'll figure out something here and make it happen :).

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